Title: The Fall of January Cooper
Author: Audrey Bell
Publisher: self-published
Published: June 17, 2014
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Synopsis: How do you lose everything?

Ask January Cooper.

She was the daughter of a Dallas multimillionaire, the debutante of the year, and the girl most likely to get whatever she wanted.

But when her father is arrested for securities fraud, the girl who had everything starts to lose everything. And once she starts falling, she can’t seem to stop.

When she walks into Christian Cutlass’s bar, she meets the first person who sees all the way through her. And Christian Cutlass meets the first girl who doesn’t care about who he used to be and what he lost one night when he was nineteen years old.

She’s gorgeous and hurt. He’s twisted in too many ways to count. She’s the girl with nothing left to lose. He’s the boy who lost everything he lived for.

How do you lose everything? You start by falling.

**I was gifted a copy from the author,
but I swear on my love for this book I was not influenced**

5 swoony flail inducing stars Every once in a while you read a book that has words that make magic and sing a love story to your heart. The Fall of January Cooper was one of those books for me.

I don’t want to talk too much detail about the actual story, you can read the synopsis for that. But I do want to talk about how this story made me feel, and it was extraordinary. Ms. Bell makes simple things have so much depth, and complex things so clear. I read Ms. Bell’s first novel, Love Show, and loved it, but this second story shows that her talent is huge, and I have a feeling she is only getting started.

I got to meet two characters that I fell in love with to the point of my heart bursting with emotion; I got lost in January and Christian’s world and never wanted to leave. I was hooked right from the prologue, which was followed up by the first chapter in the lawyer’s office…and I knew I wouldn’t be able to put this book down until it was finished.

The romance was delicious and I savored every second of it. It was slow burning, just the way I like. You know what I mean, when you keep turning the pages because you want to get to the kissing! But in between watching January and Christian go from “friends” to “more than friends” the reader got hilarious doses of sass, snark, and just plain old LOL stuff woven throughout. January’s sense of humor was pure awesome, and even though she was down and out, she always still managed to be able to laugh at herself, and it was one of the reasons I adored her so much. Christian was one tortured and brooding soul (unf, it was what made him so f*cking hot), and with good reason to be. He had lost so much, and redirecting his life to find a new path was not quite so easy…until he met January.

Something else that made this story so refreshing was that while this story was definitely New Adult, there was no explicit dirty sex. We certainly saw the f-bomb dropped a lot, and frankly I loved that (yay!) but there was no cheesy sex. The story and chemistry were so strong that anything more would have almost been too much. This story was  full of meaningful, passionate, raw emotional touches, looks and kisses. Speaking of kisses…I do wish there had been some more detail at least with those. I’m a greedy romantic reader and would have devoured more detail in that department. I do love my swoony kisses.

I do love the cover, it’s so pretty and eye catching, but I’m not sure I totally get it though. January certainly never spent time in this story lounging around in her bra and panties…but it is still a really pretty picture.

Would I rec this? YES! Ms. Bell’s writing speaks to me, to my heart, and I will read anything she writes. If you liked The Fall of January Cooper, you might also want to try Nowhere But Here by Renee Carlino.

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