Today Celeste & Risbee (Flutters and Flails) interview


from the

Wrecked and Ruine Series

by Aly Martinez

Oh. Em. Gee. We can’t believe they stopped by either!

yeahhhhh, come to Mama. Oh, did we just say that out loud?
Yes. We. Did.

WARNING: Prepare to laugh your heads off!
and maybe you should be 18+

Celeste & Risbee: Hi Brett and Caleb! Welcome to The Book Hookup and Flutters and Flails. Can we get you a drink to relax?  Don’t be shy, we are verrrrrry nice and frisky friendly. Body shots! JUST KIDDING (not really).

Brett: Seriously, you couldn’t be on time for this? What the hell is wrong with you?

Caleb: Well excuse me! You gave me the wrong fucking address.

Brett: I did fucking not! I got here just fine, didn’t I?

Caleb: Okay okay! Collin went down for a little nap, and well….I lost track of time. With Emma. Naked.

Brett: Oh, for fuck’s sake, Jones. Don’t tell me shit like that. I don’t need to know what you do with Emma.

Caleb: I wasn’t telling you. I was simply trying to explain my tardiness to the ladies. Something came up that required my immediate attention. You two understand, right? *smirk and wink*

Celeste & Risbee: *nods and gushes to be in the presence of Brett and Caleb* Oh my gosh, it’s no problem. We’re just so glad you’re both here. *grips each other’s forearms as they try to restrain from jumping up and down*

Celeste & Risbee: You’re both officers of the law and we couldn’t help but notice you both are in fantastic shape. But let’s be real…you’re still guys so you must be competitive. Who can do more pushups? Why don’t you have a contest right now? We can hold your shirts for you and count to keep score. For the readers…of course.

Caleb: Sure! *peels shirt over his head* Let’s go, Sharp.

Brett: What? Are you kidding me? No fucking way.

Caleb: *drops to the ground and starts doing push-ups.* One, two, three. You’re already behind, you better catch up.

Brett: Not happening.

Caleb: Seven, eight, nine. If you’re scared that you’ll lose, you can always just say that. I’m sure Celeste and Risbee will understand.

Brett: Oh please, you will be exhausted before you reach a hundred.

Caleb: Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.

Brett: Shit.

Caleb: Twenty-one, twenty-two.

Brett: Jesus Christ. *pulls shirt off and drops to the ground beside Caleb* Celeste, can you count for me? Risbee is drooling. I don’t think she will be able to keep up. *Celeste nudges Risbee but then falls off her chair* Um…Celeste? Oh forget it…One, two, three…

Celeste & Risbee: Caleb, are you doing better when you think about Manda these days now that you have Emmy by your side? If you ever feel sad we’d be glad to hold you and comfort you.

Caleb: While I appreciate the offer of comfort *wink*, I’m doing better than ever. I think I will always miss Manda-my friend, but I don’t miss Manda-my lover, any more. Emma has filled my life in more way than I thought possible. She’s amazing when it comes to Manda. Just last week, on Manda’s birthday, I stopped by her grave to drop off some flowers. Much to my surprise, there was already a huge bouquet of orange tulips. Tucked inside was a little note with Collin’s hand prints on it.  *Pauses to look down at the ground for a  minute.* So yeah…Emma has filled holes that I didn’t even know existed.

Brett: He’s still a miserable bastard though. *squeezes Caleb reassuringly on the shoulder.*

Caleb: That I am.

Celeste & Risbee: So guys…we know about some of your tattoos. Are there more that aren’t mentioned in the story? Can we see? We can hold your pants if you want to show us. Can we trace them?

Brett: No tattoos for me. That’s his thing. I used my charming personality and good looks to capture Jesse’s heart.

Caleb: Well aren’t you just an everyday Romeo. *both guys laugh* Nah, sorry to disappoint. You know everything I’ve got. Although, I can say I’ll probably be getting more sooner than later!

Celeste & Risbee: Brett, Jesse was kind of shy but you turned her into a sex kitten. How do you feel about that? Tell us more about your coaching in detail, please.  Speak slowly.

Risbee:  I’m quite shy, so if you need somebody to help you demonstrate, then…

Caleb: *busts out laughing* Yes, please tell us all about your sexual prowess, Brett.

Brett: *looks to Caleb* Shut the fuck up, asshole!

Caleb: That’s what everyone calls me.

Brett: Well ladies, I hate to disappoint but Jesse would destroy me for talking about our sex life in public. It was bad enough Aly told all in that book.

Caleb: Changing Course.

Brett: Right. That’s the one. What was yours called again?

Caleb: Stolen Course. *eye roll* You know it could have been worse though. Did you see the shit she wrote about Hunter in Savor Me?

*Both guys laugh.*

Brett: Anyway. I can say Jesse is amazing in and out of the bedroom….but especially IN the bedroom.

Caleb: Oh sweet Jesus, she is going to kill you for that shit.

*Both guys laugh again*

Brett: She really will freak. Her cheeks will get all red and she’ll stomp to the bedroom. Can we strike that from the record?

Celeste & Risbee: NO. Um, we’re women, I’m sure she won’t mind sharing with other women, of course.

Celeste & Risbee: Caleb, your chemistry was filthy delicious with Emmy from the start. Did it surprise you when all that freshness came out of your mouth? Have you always been that much of a dirty talker?

Brett: *clapping hands* Hell yeah! Turn about is a bitch!

Caleb: For who? Emma doesn’t give a shit if I talk about our sex life. Hell, she has the sex scenes from Stolen Course framed in our bedroom.

Brett: She does not. *gasp*

Caleb: Oh she totally does. I think she was a little disappointed she wasn’t invited here today. Lord knows that woman would tell you way more than I would. But to answer the question, I’ve always been a bit of a talker in bed, but Emmy brought out something in me that I’ve never felt before. That woman is an animal. The way she is always angling for control–I mean, damn!

*Celeste and Risbee brace each other up and try to keep calm*

Brett: Stop! She’s like my little sister.

Caleb: Well, your little sister is a kinkster and I fucking love it!

Brett: *gags* New question…PLEASE!

Celeste: Did you guys know I’m a vegetarian?

Risbee:  I’m not, but I could be if the situation…ahem, arose.

Celeste puts away Vegetable Report cozy

*both men groan*

Caleb: I told you they’d ask. Pay up!

Brett: *slaps $20 bill into Caleb’s hand* Jesus. What is everyone’s obsession with this vegetable report? It’s not accurate! There is no physical way Caleb is a butternut squash. That shit isn’t possible.

Caleb: Holy shit! You read Stolen Course!

Brett: I skimmed.

Caleb: It’s okay. I read your book too. I hear they gave you a very generous “massive zucchini.”

Brett: Nothing generous about the truth, my brother.

Celeste & Risbee: Brett, how do you feel about the cover of your story vs. Caleb? Yours was great, but Caleb’s was something else. The ladies freaking loved it. Are you more shy?

Brett: I looked like a fucking pussy on mine!

Caleb: You really did. *laughing*

Brett: What the fuck is wrong with Aly?

Caleb: In her defense, it’s not like you have any exceptional tattoos or anything to show off. And lets be honest here, you crying into your hands is pretty damn accurate for how you acted.

Brett: Shut the fuck up, asshole! You’re just jealous that I have more reviews on Amazon than you do.

Caleb: My book just came out last month, and are you fucking kidding me? Did you just brag about your review count?

Brett: I can’t help that the ladies love me. *pops collar and rolls up sleeves*

Caleb: Do you stalk Amazon?

Brett: Sometimes when Jesse falls asleep before me.

Caleb: Yeah. I won’t lie. I’ve done it too.

Celeste & Risbee: Speaking of shy, who is more sensitive? More impulsive?

Brett: Caleb is definitely more sensitive and impulsive than I am.

Caleb: Guilty as charged. Brett’s a thinker to the point of over thinking. Shit gets under my skin and I can’t let it go. Eventually, I act on it.

Celeste & Risbee: Who talks to Aly more?

*Both men burst out laughing for a ridiculously long period of time*

Caleb: Oh shit…are you going to tell them?

Brett: Why the hell not?

Caleb: Now you are going to have Jesse and Aly after you when this interview is done. I’m not sure this will end well for you.

Brett: Whatever. Jesse will get over it and Aly…she’ll probably be drinking wine when she reads this.

Caleb: Your funeral!

Brett: Ignore him.  I definitely talk to Aly more. I have no idea why but she thinks emailing me pictures of some guy named Nick Bateman is funny. She swears I look just like him, but I honestly don’t see it.

*Celeste and Risbee whip out their phones and start googling and nodding*

Caleb: Dude, he looks just like you.

Brett: Jesse then found all her emails and I think for a brief second the massive amounts of half naked men in my email box scared her.

Caleb: She totally worried he was gay for like half an hour.

Brett: She did not!

Caleb: She called me just to ask about it!

Brett: I fucked that fear out of her later. No worries. *wink*

Caleb: I can’t even begin to imagine how dead you are after this. *rolls out of his chair laughing*

Brett: So anyway, Aly’s emails now go directly to my spam folder.

Caleb: Did you get the email about the Christmas Novella?

Brett: Um, no. What the hell? Is she writing more?

Caleb: Oh yeah. From what her message said, you and Jesse are getting another story.

Brett: Fuck!

Caleb: That’s what I said, but Emma got all excited when Aly said we would all be part of it. You know how much I like when she gets excited. *smirk*

Celeste: Would you ever get your man parts pierced? Wait, we can’t ask that can we?

Risbee:  **whispers**  Why can’t we ask that?

Brett: Hell no! I’m sorry but if you need a stud in your dick to get your girl off you are doing something seriously wrong.

Caleb: Now wait a minute. What if you don’t need it but it would make things better for her? *shrugs* I wouldn’t say no, but lets just say its not at the top of my list right now.

Brett: Shut the fuck up!? You would let someone take needle to your cock?

Caleb: Maybe.

Celeste & Risbee: You’ll tell us? We mean Aly, right? Like maybe there could be a whole novella about it? *the girls cross fingers behind their backs*


♥ Blondes or Brunettes? (good news, Celeste is brunette and Risbee is blonde so your answer can’t be wrong)
Brett: Brunette
Caleb: Blonde
Celeste & Risbee: zomg!! *silent squeals*

♥  Favorite music?
Brett: We both kind of listen to a little of everything.
Caleb: Yeah, although I think I listen to a little more rap to where you prefer R&B.
Brett: Yeah, I’d say that’s fair.

♥  Boxers, briefs, commando?  Dear lord, please let it be commando.
Brett: I mix it up, but yes there is always the possibility of commando.
Caleb: Mainly commando, but occasionally you will find me in boxer briefs.

 ♥  Kisses. Sweet and soft or hot and heavy?  Both are fine. **nods**
Brett: Soft and sweet when you are wearing clothes, hot and heavy when you are naked.
Caleb: Now wait a minute, you can do soft and sweet while naked. It’s usually below the waist but whatever.

♥  Dirty talking and sexting. Do you want to give us examples like it or do it? (Caleb, we know you like doing it, but we’re hoping for you to expand on the topic.)  **whips out phone and various recording devices — purely for accuracy, we can’t let our readers down.**
Caleb: Ha! I love sexting. Emma and I had many nights of fun on the phone together. There was one night where we…
Brett: Yeah. I can’t listen to this. *stands to leave*
Caleb: Okay, sit down. I’ll stop. What about you and Jess?
Brett: Um, let’s just say Jesse surprised the shit out of me recently in the sexting department. I won’t elaborate, but I have a feeling I know what this Christmas Novella Aly is cooking up is about, so I’m sure you’ll hear about eventually.
Caleb: Oh shit! Jesse got dirty!
Brett: Oh awesome! Now I’ll have company on her shit list. Your funeral. *winks at Caleb*
Caleb: Yeah, definitely strike that last comment from the record.

Celeste & Risbee: Thank you so much for stopping by, Brett and Caleb. We hope you had fun and we didn’t frighten you. Please come back anytime!

Caleb: Nah! Y’all were great! Thank you having us!

Brett: We’d love to come back. Maybe next time with the ladies?

Celeste & Risbee: We’d love to have Jesse and Emma. But what if they want to make it a ladies night so we can have girl talk? Would that be ok with you?

Celeste & Risbee: *HUGS*

About the Author: Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Aly Martinez is a stay-at-home mom to four crazy kids under the age of five, including a set of twins. Currently living in Chicago, she passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine at her side.

After some encouragement from her friends, Aly decided to add “Author” to her ever-growing list of job titles. So grab a glass of Chardonnay, or a bottle if you’re hanging out with Aly, and join her aboard the crazy train she calls life.

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