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Cole and Bentley

from Sweet Destruction by Paige Weaver

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Ana and Celeste – Hi boys! *Ana and Celeste nervously giggle as they clutch each other* Welcome to The Book Hookup!

Walker Hello, ladies. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Bentley – Yeah, a pleasure. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be sitting here with two gorgeous women that look like you two. *winks at Celeste then eyes Ana, his smile widening* Damn, Walker I’m glad I’m single right now. Jealous?

Walker – *scoffs* I can look, Bent. I just can’t touch.

Bentley – Well, I can touch all day long. *looks pointedly at Celeste then Ana*

Ana and Celeste –  Let’s just get right to it….who has more tattoos the harder body? Do you want to show us? For the love of God, PLEASE SHOW US your pecs and abs. Would you share the story behind any of the tattoos?

Walker – I don’t have any tattoos. I spent time in juvie and almost every kid in there had at least one tat but usually more. I always thought it was stupid because a witness may not remember the color of your eyes or how tall you were but they sure would remember the skeleton tattoo you had crawling up your neck or the teardrop beneath your eye. To mark myself like that was not a possibility. I needed to be invisible. A ghost. I didn’t need anything to draw attention to myself in order to do what I had to do to survive.

Bentley – I’m sure Sam would love to see a tattoo on you. Women love the ink. I mean did you see her ex, Lukas? The guy was covered in tats. You sure you measure up?

Walker – You’re kidding, right? You really want to know how I measure up?

Bentley – *holds up a hand, stopping Walker* Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know anything about my sister’s sex life.

Walker – Good because I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell you what I do to her late into the night and the little sounds she makes…

Bentley – Enough! The girls asked a question and it’s my turn to answer. *takes a deep breath and starts over* Yes, I have one tattoo. It’s three little words on my chest, right over my heart. Luctor et emerge. It’s Latin for “I struggle and emerge.” It explains my life. I struggle every day but I always emerge.

Ana and Celeste – So Cole, now that you are taken, how has being in a relationship surprised you or changed you? Do you truly believe that you are worthy of love now that you have Sam? For the single guy, *eyeballs Bentley* do you ever go on dates with book bloggers? Bentley, do you think there is a woman out there for you that would make you stop manwhoring it up settle down?

Walker – Being in a relationship has scared the shit out of me. I’ve never felt so close to someone before. I grew up without love and without hope. I was like one of those dogs that had never had any human contact – I was mean and wild. I bit if someone got too close. People tried to put me down but I fought back, tooth and nail. With Sam, I fought. Not because she was trying to put me down but because I loved her. I f**king loved her. I didn’t think I was capable of it. In fact, I really thought my soul was black and there wasn’t an ounce of feeling in me. I resisted the pull of Sam as long as I could but I couldn’t hold out any longer. I loved her. She was someone I couldn’t live without. Someone go to jail for and even die for. Someone that I would risk everything just to see her happy and safe. I don’t know if I’ll ever be worthy of her love but hell, I’ll fight to the end to have it and it will be worth it a million times over.

Bentley – Is there a woman out there that would make me settle down? I don’t believe there is. Unlike Walker who traded in his single card, I tend to keep mine as long as possible. A woman that gets me to settle down is a woman that owns my heart and I’m not sure I want to turn it over to anyone. I saw what happened to my mother when my dad broke hers – she fell apart. That will never happen to me. Ever.

Walker – Never say never.

Bentley – Shut the f**k up Walker. And by the way, ladies – Book bloggers? Hell, yeah! There’s just something sexy about a woman reading a book and looking up at me like she just read something that really started her engine. You know the look, I saw you give it to me just now, Celeste.

Celeste  – *blushes brightly and squeals wildly on the inside* Oh stop…

Ana and Celeste – Bentley, do you think life still looks really bleak? Or do you think there might be hope? What have you told Paige so far? Will you share anything with us? We’re not going to lie, we were totally shocked at what you were up to in Sweet Destruction.

Bentley – Yes, life still looks bleak from where I’m standing. Sure, I’m outta my mom’s trailer and I’ve got a decent (legit) job that pays great, but underneath it all is still that past I can’t escape. Just when I think I’ve gotten away from it, something drags me back down. I’ve told Paige almost everything so far but she’s been pretty busy tied down with some guy named Cash from her Promise Me series. Asshole. (Not really. I heard he’s a great guy but still…he’s an asshole for taking up Paige’s time when I’ve got a story to tell her too.) I think what I’ve told her so far will make readers need a very cold shower but she’s keeping it under wraps for now. Yeah, I think I shocked everyone with the news about my job. You didn’t see that coming. But then again, if that information were front page news, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you right now. I would be dead, killed by the guys I was double-crossing. So let’s keep that hush-hush for now, okay?

Ana and Celeste – So Cole, Ana mentioned in her review that your chemistry with Sam “straddled that fine line between love and hate” do you want to talk more about straddling how you finally tipped the scales towards love?

Walker – I swear ‘straddling’ may be my new favorite word. No kidding. Just imagining Sam in my lap, my car engine rumbling beneath us…shit, it blows my mind. But she did straddle more than just my crotch. We straddled love and hate for years, riding that thin line. At least I did. I wanted her and that made me mad. I was a criminal. A thug. Someone that shouldn’t touch her, even if we were both from the same rundown, piece of shit neighborhood. I watched her go from a little girl struggling to survive to a woman refusing to be beaten down. I both loved that and hated it because I wasn’t worthy of her. I was something she was trying to fight being beaten down by – despair. Add that to the trouble we got into as kids – usually because of me – and the trouble I got her brother into and it caused the hate between us. But in the end that just made the chemistry between us burning hot and almost daring. Who wants a boring love life anyway?

Ana and Celeste – Bentley, are you upset that Celeste wasn’t sure about your name at first? Or do you forgive her? PLEASE FORGIVE HER She loves you very much and realizes that it was INSANE to think that. She loves you. Did we mention that she loves you and wants to have your babies?

Bentley – Of course I forgive her! Listen – like most of us, I didn’t have a say on what my parents named me but I don’t think they could’ve picked a better name. A Bentley is a luxury car and luxury cars are my *clears throat* specialty.

Walker – *mumbles* except for maybe his mind.

Ana and Celeste – Who is more sensitive? Who is more impulsive? *cough both of you guys are kind of hot tempered and it’s what makes you pretty hot cough*

Walker – *looking at Bent* I’d have to say that I’m more sensitive! Wouldn’t you’d say, Bent?

Bent – Definitely. I’ve seen this guy almost fall to his knees for my sister. He hides it well but he’s a big softy when no one’s looking.

Walker – I’m not f**king soft but yeah, I would fall to my knees for Sam. I would beg her for anything and everything. The woman owns my heart and soul. I’m not afraid of much. I’ve taken down guys that most people would run from. I’ve looked death in the eye and laughed. I’ve sat in a jail cell more times than I like to admit. I’ve got a dark soul and a darker past. I’ve got demons that I’ll never slay. But I would do anything for those I love. And if something were to happen to Sam…if she were to leave me, either by death like my mother or walk away, I wouldn’t be able to go on. My life would slam to a stop. I guess if that makes me sensitive, then I’m sensitive.

Ana and Celeste – Who talks to Paige more? Does she filter out stuff? Or is there stuff you still keep to yourself? Tell us EVERYTHING.

Walker – I probably talk to Paige more than Bent. Paige and I have this deep connection… she just gets me. I’m such a tortured soul and she loves that. She can explain it word for word in her book and somehow get my view across. I don’t know how she did it but she didn’t pull any punches with my point of view. I cracked open my heart for her and she put it all down on paper, word for word. It wasn’t always pretty and sometimes it was downright grim, but she believes in not sugarcoating anything. People really live the way I lived. People hurt the way I hurt. The book was fiction but it was based in reality. Paige did filter out quite a bit. No, I take that back – a helluva lot. Sweet Destruction is almost a 120,000 word book. But what you don’t know is Paige deleted close to 20,000 words from it. That’s quite a bit of stuff that never made the final cut. So there are 20,000 words of my and Sam’s thoughts floating around her computer, never seen by anyone but Paige. Maybe one day she would release some of it.

Ana and Celeste – Car racing. You guys ever want to do it legally? We could cheer you on in the bedroom and on the street.

Bentley – I’ll let you answer this one, Walker, since you’ve won more of those street races than I have.

Walker – race legally? Where’s the fun in that? The thing about illegal street racing is there are no rules. No regulations. No damned officials who have as much street sense as a pile of sh*t trying to tell you what to do. In street racing there’s a lot of competition and some mean S.O.B.s but we’ve all got each other’s backs. And there’s just something about dead of night, an empty street, and badass cars hitting 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds that just gets your blood racing and your pulse pounding. Trade it in for some bullsh*t pro race? No thanks.

Ana and Celeste – Have you guys considered working with kids to help them stay out of the type of trouble you got into? Do you think it would make a difference? How has your own life experiences shaped you? You really didn’t have it easy, but in the end there was a lot to be happy about.

Walker – There was nothing that would have helped me as a kid, I think. I was too lost. Too broken. I guess maybe if someone had stepped in when my mom died or stopped my dad from drinking, I might have stayed out of trouble but who knows. Where I come from, no one cares much about how kids are being raised or what kind of trouble they’re getting into. It’s just a dark part of society that not many people want to think about. And most of the ones that do want to forget we exist. As far as how my past shaped me, I wouldn’t be the kind of man I am today without the experiences I went through. I had it rough but because of that I can survive anything. When you hit bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up…unless of course you stay down and I decided the moment Sam and I kissed that I wanted to be more.


♥ Blondes or Brunettes?
Walker – Both. Sam is naturally a blonde but dyed her hair black years ago. She’s sexy as hell as both but I’ve gotta say that the black does something to me… makes me want to take my car for a spin and disappear for a while, maybe repeat what we did in it during Sweet Destruction.
Ana and Celeste  – *turn the AC colder in the interview room*
Bentley – I’m particular to brunettes. There’s just something about them I find sexy as hell.
Ana and Celeste – *fist pump as they both jump up* Oh, that’s great. We both happen to be brunette.

♥  Favorite music?
Walker – Dupstep. My favorites are Mt Eden and Bassnectar. Skrillex kicks ass too.
Bentley – Techno. Tiesto is good. So is Daft Punk.

Boxers, briefs, commando?
Walker – Boxers. I like my boys to hang loose.
Bentley – Commando *said with a wink at Celeste*
Celeste  – *dies*

Kisses. Sweet and soft or hot and heavy?
Walker – Damn, you two what to know everything. *smirks and sits back, crossing his arms* Guess I’m sweet and soft when the woman needs it and hot and heavy when she’s begging for it. I prefer one but I’ll do the other.
Bentley – Hot and heavy for me. No question about that.
Celeste – *tries to stay calm and applies cool compress to her forehead* Is it getting hot in here?

Dirty talking and sexting Do you want to give us examples like it or do it? *Celeste passes her phone number to Bentley*   *Ana gives Celeste the stink eye…then passes her number to him too*
Walker – *laughs* Sexting is the greatest. Sam would kill me if I admitted we do it so I’ll keep my mouth shut.
Bentley – *grumbles with a frown* I really don’t want to hear my sister’s name and sexting in the same sentence. That’s an image that I don’t want to have.

Ana and Celeste Thank you so much for stopping by, Cole and Bentley. We hope you had fun and that we didn’t frighten you. Please come back anytime we are always open for snuggles!
Walker – Thanks for having us. And thanks for reading and loving Sweet Destruction. Sam and I really appreciate it.
Bentley – Yeah, thanks. Spending every moment with two beautiful women is always a pleasure. Invite me back anytime.

About the Author: Paige Weaver lives in Texas with her husband and two children. Her love for books became a love for writing at a young age. She wrote her first book as a teenager and continued writing throughout the years. Encouraged by her husband, she finally decided to self-publish. Her debut novel, Promise Me Darkness, was released in April 2013 and quickly became a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. Her second book, Promise Me Light, will be released in September 2013. She is currently working on other novels to be released in 2014.

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