July 15, 2014

Today we have

Noah, Bo, and Gray

from The Woodlands Series by Jen Frederick

Brace yourselves, ladies. These men are divine.
…and you might want to be 18+ to read this

Celeste and Ana: You’ve all been in the marines, and we couldn’t notice *cough and giggle* you have stayed in fantastic shape. Do you want to talk about your workout regimen? Show us how you do pushups? Now works for us if it works for you. We can hold your shirts for you. We’re just going to video your form…for the readers of course.

Gray: Your body is as much of a weapon as your gun or your gear. It must stay in tip top shape. During boot, if you get so much as a blister, it can be grounds for punishment because you aren’t taking care of Uncle Sam’s property correctly which is why everyone and their mother wants my custom knit socks. Fuckers.

Bo: PT is why I got out of the Marines. That and having to make my bed every damned day.

Noah: Don’t let Bo fool you. He lifts every day because he’s terrified AnnMarie will leave him if he gets a beer belly.

Bo: True story.

Celeste and Ana: So we know about some of your tattoos. Are there more that aren’t mentioned in the story? Can we see? We can hold your pants if you want to show us.

Bo: First you offer to hold our shirts and now our pants. It’s like you want us to undress or something but sure, I’m always willing to strip down. You can inspect my tattoo up close if you like.

Gray: Big surprise Bo is taking off his clothes for pretty girls.

Noah: Are you guys even going to answer the question? No, I’ve only the one tattoo. I’m not a big fan of inflicting pain on myself in order to have a permanent record of some hastily made decision. One’s enough.

Gray: I’ve got a couple of others. I got this one on my wrist. It’s Sam’s DNA strand. When we have kids, I’m going to add theirs as well.

Bo: You’re more sappy than a maple tree.

Gray: That’s all you got? A fucking maple tree?

Celeste and Ana: So, does anyone want to talk about how they each ended up turning their girls into sex kittens confident women? How do you feel about that? Tell us more about your coaching in detail, please.

Noah: A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

Bo: Fuck that. Here’s the deal ladies. *Ana and Celeste lean in* You need to show your woman that everything she does turns you on from the moment she flicks open her eyes in the morning. No wait, even before then because shit, I’d rather watch AnnMarie sleep than the Cubs play baseball. If your woman believes in her bones that you think she’s the sexiest thing that walks the earth then she’s going to be uninhibited in bed. I don’t get the guys who want to criticize a girl for liking sex. It’s about as stupid as a parched man in the desert turning down a canteen of water.

You want to get laid all the time? Start admitting that you love a girl who loves sex. The rest flows from there.

Gray: True story.

Celeste and Ana: Which one of you is the most sensitive? Who is most impulsive?

Gray and Noah: Bo, no question.

Gray: Bo will leap before looking intentionally.

Bo: More fun that way. As to who is more sensitive? There’s the brocode. We can’t tell you that.

Celeste and Ana: How do you guys feel about how your stories were told? Did you get to tell your whole story?

Bo: Loved it. You know, except for the times Jen showed me screwing up but since we all win in the end, it’s all good.

Noah: I’d have preferred some stuff was left out. Like all the private moments? Those should have been kept private.

Gray: I’m okay with it all. I didn’t read the books but from what I heard, I felt like I was portrayed fairly. I think that’s all a person can ask.

Celeste and Ana: Who talks to Jen the most?

Bo: Me because my baby is going through some tough times and I want to know when Jen is going to fix these things. It’s driving me crazy. Shit, Noah, I love you but right now I wanna strangle your son.

Noah: Get in line. We all want to take a shot at Nathan right now. But as you pointed out, sometimes you got to make a lot of mistakes before you get your feet set on the right course. That’s going to happen and you know it.

Gray: After seeing with Bo and Noah’s kids are going through, I’m glad that Jen’s all seeing eye isn’t fixed on me and Sam.

Celeste and Ana: Have any of you considered telling Jen more stories about your past?  Noah, what about the years before you found Grace again?

Noah: The years before I met Grace I was stupid and reckless. I don’t want to visit those days. My life wasn’t worth two beans before I met Grace. You wouldn’t want to read about that.

Celeste and Ana: Bo, are you ever tempted to go back and fight again? *Celeste nudges Ana to stop her from staring shamelessly at Bo*

Ana:  What? His Thor good looks are just….rawr!!

Bo: Ana, honey, you stare at me all you like. Ain’t nothing wrong with looking. You understand I can’t do anything about that because AnnMarie would cut off my dick and then leave me which you know would be the more painful of the two.

As for fighting, yeah, I get some matches in at the gym but it’s not quite the same thing as being in a ring and pounding someone for real. So I miss it but not enough to risk getting a bad concussion or something worse. I’ve got a family now. They come first. Besides, if I’ve got a lot of extra energy, I’ll just chase AnnMarie around the house a bit. That works up quite the appetite.

Celeste and Ana: Gray, your um, dirty talk was filthy delicious with Sam from the start. Did it surprise you when all that freshness came out of your mouth? Have you always been that much of a dirty talker? Were you shocked she liked it so much? You can tell us. We don’t need to share that with our readers *crosses fingers behind our backs*, we just would like to know so that we can get the whole picture. *Celeste sits with chin in hand and dreamy eyes ready to absorb all that you have to say*

Gray:  Making love to a woman consists of more than just sticking your dick into a wet hole. You gotta work all five sense. Telling a woman how much you want her, how hot she makes you, how you can’t wait to get between her legs and work her until she screams for mercy? That’s all part of it. Talking turns me on. It turns Sam on.

It doesn’t surprise me she likes it because who doesn’t enjoy noisy affirmation of how bone deep the need is for you? If I didn’t verbalize my desire, how is she going to know about it? And vice versa. Good sex is noisy, messy, and sweaty.


Blondes or Brunettes?
Gray: It doesn’t matter what color her hair is because once you fall in love, all of her features become your favorite.

Favorite music?
Noah: Classic rock. Some early blues.

♥ Boxers, briefs, commando?
Bo: Boys gotta be free.

Kisses. Sweet and soft or hot and heavy?
Gray: All of the above. You have to have it all. The sweet kisses along the jaw and on the forehead and the hot and heavy, tongue and teeth. It’s all very good.

Dirty talking and sexting. Do you want to give us examples like it or do it? (Noah, we know you like writing letters, but are hoping for you to expand on the topic, Gray, we know you on this topic, but feel free to comment.)
Noah: I can’t give you any examples and Jen, look, you don’t need to tell them everything.
Jen: Noah is very good at the dirty sexting but I won’t embarrass him here. Talk to me later.
Celeste and Ana: *nods*
Bo: Woo hoo. I wanna hear some of this. Maybe take notes. Come on Jen. Let it out.
Noah: Fuck you, fuckers. Those messages are for Grace and no one else.
Bo: Jen, just one. Come on.
Jen: I don’t know. Noah’s glaring at my pretty hard.
Bo: Man, you are a downer. Let me tell you that I sext AnnMarie every day cuz I want her to know how hungry I am for her. There’s no shame in that. No shame at all.
Noah: Let’s leave the ladies with some mystery. If we reveal all, they’ll not have to use their imagination. But if you want a little lesson, then I’ll tell you this. Not a day goes by that I don’t make it known to Grace that I worship her, with my mind and my body.

Celeste and Ana: Noah, Bo, and Gray…thank you so much for stopping by. We love you guys and appreciate that you took the time to talk to us. Please don’t be strangers!

About the Author: Bestselling author Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She’s been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at jensfrederick@gmail.com.

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