Recently, Ana and Christina had the opportunity to
talk to Trey, Jax and Wayra from Amy Bartol’s
new Kricket series!

We first met these boys (and squeeeeeed uncontrollably)
in Under Different Stars…
and we just knew
we needed to learn more about them!!

We invited them to the book boyfriend den for an
interview and were delighted when Trey accepted!!!

On the interview day, we sat nervously in our den
(which we had even cleaned in anticipation of this meeting)
and stared nervously at the door!

After what seemed like an eternity (although it really wasn’t), Trey finally walked into our lives! Although he was wearing a shirt, we squinted our eyes just so and this is what we saw!!

We have very good imaginations! *faint*

So, get ready ladies…ready to sigh and swoon
and fall in love…we sure did!!

BH:  Hi Trey, so nice to meet you!  ***Christina offers him a wide grin and her hand*** We’re hoping that you can answer some questions for us today.  Would you like a drink? (Ana: Yes, we’re secretly trying to loosen him up and get him to answer ANYTHING we ask!!)  Let’s start with an easy one. Please describe Kricket for us.

TREY: *takes a sip of his drink, loosening the sharp angle of his jaw* Describe Kricket…hmm…she’s an island—venerable and seductive—raised in an environment on Earth where she grew accustomed to violence. *eyes softening* Knowing that, I marvel at her lionheart. In some ways, she’s entirely innocent and naive, unless, of course, we’re speaking of her intellect, then she’s very much the one reading you. She may not understand the history of a thing, but her practical grasp of any situation is extreme. She can spar with our top advisors, and then leave them tongue-tied as they watch her walk away. *a true smile develops* She’s gifted—I can never lie without her knowing.

BH:  Being away from her while she was on earth must have been very difficult.

TREY: *eyes darkening* Had I known then some of the things she endured while she was a part of that world, it would’ve made it considerably harder for me to have stayed away from her. As it was, I had only just located her when my team apprehended her.

BH:  How difficult was it to keep your hands off her…ummmm…we mean, keep your distance from her, knowing what you did about your past?

TREY: *groans softly* You have no idea. *smiles ruefully* Meeting her was finding something that I craved my entire life—Kricket calls it our ‘common symmetry.’ Feeling her body sleeping next to mine—something tugged at me. She’s an always-sleep-alone girl, but she ended up in my arms. She’s unique in a way that I could never find in anyone else—so it’s been torture and…bliss.

BH:  Did it make you uncomfortable that Amy shared some of the more romantic intimate scenes between you and Kricket with us? (ahem…shower…ahem)

TREY: *shrugs casually* Amy tries to write the edgier side of young adult. She’s making the next book, Sea of Stars, a bit steamier. I’ll have to reserve my opinion until she finishes that one.

BH:  How does it make you feel to know that many women out there consider you their book boyfriend? (Ana stares at all of you and points her finger…he’s mine, I have the email to prove it!!)

TREY: *smiles crookedly* It’s new territory for me. I’m a Cavar—that’s like a Marine here on Earth. I have to admit that I’m more comfortable with inspiring fear than lust, but I’m up for the challenge. Baw-da-baw.

BH:  We’d like to hear this story from your point of view.  Would you be comfortable telling your side of it to Amy?

TREY: I’m fine with it—you’ll have to put some pressure on Amy and her editor, if you want to hear it. Amy, I think, is willing to write from my point of view, but she may have to convince her editor that it has merit.

***Ana and Christina look at each other…if it’s pressure that’s needed, pressure there will be!***

BH:  What’s your biggest desire for your future with Kricket?

TREY: *jaw tightens with a look of determination* I want her safe—protected. I want her with me—always.

Suddenly, there was knock on the door.  We weren’t expecting anyone and we hoped it wasn’t Amy coming to take Trey away.  As we assumed a defensive pose…putting Trey behind us to shield him from anyone wanting to take him from us, we were amazed to see Jax and Wayra walk through the door.  Be still our hearts!!!

***You guessed it…we squinted again and….wow!!!***

BH:  Well, hello boys…so nice of you to join us!  Please have a seat; anywhere’s fine. Mind if we sit in your lap beside you? Soooo…let’s get right to it…what secrets can you reveal about Trey?  Feel free to be explicit!!

JAX: *shifts eyes slyly to Trey* For a commanding officer, he’s not as big of a knob knocker as you’d expect.

TREY: *eyebrows raising* Thanks.

WAYRA: *Cuts in* But he’s such a light-weight sometimes! I challenged him to eat an entire venish once—he’s such a blusher—he couldn’t get through half of it.

TREY: *sends Wayra a you’re-a-knob-knocker look* And you’re the authority on blushers?

WAYRA: *grinning with hubris* I’ve had my share of blushers. The ladies love me.

BH:  You all work so closely with each other…does it ever bother you that Trey is in charge?

JAX: *hesitates for a moment, and then says stoically* In the beginning, maybe—when we first picked up Kricket. I don’t think Trey understood her. He came around, though. *nods towards Trey, and then shrugs* We all sort of did. She grows on you.

WAYRA: I’ve known Trey for a while—we came up through the ranks together. He’s always had my back, as you say here on Earth, so I’ll always have his.

BH:  Tell us a little about your lives…what does a typical day look like? Does it perhaps have a certain amount of time blocked off for snuggling bloggers? We’re only minutely curious…this question is mostly for our readers and other bloggers. *Ana and Christina try to look innocent*

JAX: Nothing has been typical lately—not with Kricket in residence. We guard her mostly, which is a full-time assignment. Some Etharians suspect her motives—see her as a spy. Others view her mixed Alameeda and Rafe heritage as an asset. The fact that she’s an Alameeda priestess who’s developing extra sensory gifts makes her a highly sought-after commodity. She often walks a fine line between fame and infamy…and we walk it with her.

WAYRA: *eyes darkening dangerously* Any wacker who tries to get close to her has to answer to us. But we always have time for readers and bloggers. Baw-da-baw.

BH:  Are either of you in a relationship?  Feel free to tell us alllll about it! Christina and Ana shuffle a bit closer to them. Or… if you aren’t currently seeing anyone, you know… *cough*dibs!*cough*

WAYRA: I’m free. Jax is currently spoken for—it’s his mother—he’s very attached to her.

JAX: *scoffs* He’s funny. I’m unattached at the moment—and I haven’t even spoken to my mother in a few rotations. *Glances at Wayra* Didn’t you just have a nasty case of Verdi Freckles flare up?

WAYRA: *scowls* He’s lying. I’ve never had a Verdi Freckle in my life. *gives Christina and Ana a how-you-doin’ look* I’m perfectly healthy and conveniently available.

BH:  Would either of you want Amy to tell your story? Please say yes.

WAYRA: *looks confused* This story is about me, isn’t it?

JAX: We’re in it a lot—sometimes more than Trey—I mean c’mon, he’s completely expendable. *gestures towards Trey*

WAYRA: *blinks* I can’t imagine this story without me.

JAX: I can. It’d be better. I’m gonna speak to Amy about it.

TREY: *sends Christina and Ana an apologetic look*

BH:  Would either of you consider taking us to Ethar? (Christina bats her eyelashes and smirks)  We don’t take up much room and we’re happy to share your space if necessary!!

WAYRA: *with a cheeky smile* Can you swim?

JAX: *nods* That’s sort of important.

***Ana and Christina nod vigorously…heck, they’d even take extra swimming lessons if they needed to!!***

BH:  *fanning themselves*  Well, perhaps we should plan a trip after the interview is over?!?

Now, just a few quickfire questions for each of you and we’ll let you go. (the girls smirk at each other, knowing they don’t want to let the boys go anytime soon)

1. Favorite word used on Earth?

JAX: ‘Taxidermy’—Why would anyone stuff a dead carcass? What’s the intrinsic value in that? It’s fascinating.

WAYRA: ‘Deep-dish’—Chicago-style pizza—I love it. You can’t get it on Ethar—you can’t even explain it to a commissary-bot. The sprocket-dockers don’t understand it—when they try to make it, it comes out in a gigantic, doughy mess. I tried it; it’s awful.

TREY: *frowns at Wayra, and then turns to Ana* ‘Honey’—I think that’s my favorite word, (Ana holds her breath and bites her lip…wow!) but I also like ‘Babysitter’—it doesn’t mean what you’d think it’d mean—no one sits on babies.

2. Favorite Etharian word? (And what exactly does that mean?)

WAYRA: Polar—it means sexy. *winks at Christina and Ana*

JAX: Knob Knocker—it basically means a tosser.

TREY: Apparently, I’m somewhat different from my colleagues. I like the word Inium—it’s the smallest of Ethar’s moons.

3. Go-to weapon of choice?

TREY: I prefer a Harbinger

WAYRA: *scoffs* Can you ask a tougher question? *exhales harshly* Lemme see, ya got your Kaiser Gats—we just call ‘em gats—that’s a three-in-one weapon that has projectiles *ticks off one finger*, lasers *ticks off a second finger*, and a jolt of electricity that’ll set your enemy’s hair on fire *holds up a third finger*. Then, there’s Sanctum Amps—they’re percussion grenades—they’ll blow a hole in a tank. Sonic Sayzars aren’t bad—they’re weapons that shoot sound at an amp frequency that can ruptures cells—

JAX: *interrupts Wayra* I like Recurves. *shrugs* Kricket calls them ‘crossbows.’

WAYRA: *looks disdainfully at Jax* You’re serious?

JAX: *frowns* What? *shrugs* I like them.

WAYRA: You coulda said anything—you coulda went for something like—I don’t know—something nasty like a— *snaps his fingers and points at Jax*—like a Vester Beacon! *Turns to Christina* That’s a small incendiary that tunnels under the ground, like a mole, and searches out enemy units. When it locates them, it pops up outta the ground and detonates.

JAX: *scrunches up his nose* I don’t like Vester Beacons.

WAYRA: How can ya not like those? They kill everthing!

JAX: Exactly.

WAYRA: *Sighs dismissively* That’s because you’re a medic—too hard to put those guys back together.

4. Ideal date in 10 words or less?

JAX: *Laughing* I can name Wayra’s ideal date in one word: Breathing. *Trey busts out laughing*

WAYRA: I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. I have very discerning tastes.

JAX: *smiles at Wayra* You don’t even know what ‘discerning’ means.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?

JAX: I like the swanks we attend with Kricket—they’re parties full of blushers who appreciate a uniform.

WAYRA: Definitely being one step ahead of the Alameeda. I like when Kricket let’s us know what’s gonna happen before it happens. I like having the advantage over them.

TREY:  Sleeping in trees, pretending to make love in showers, kissing in fountains… *smiles* my list keeps growing.

BH:  Well…it looks like our time is up (sobs).  Thank you all for answering our questions.  Please don’t feel like you need to leave…we’re happy to entertain you for the rest of the day!!

***Ana and Christina close the door***Sorry ladies, they’re all ours now but you can go ahead and enter the giveaway if you wish!! Good Luck!

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