Title: Between

Author: Megan Whitmer
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Published: July 29, 2014

Publisher: Spencer Hill Press

Pages: 384

Genres: Young Adult ♣ Paranormal/Supernatural ♣ Romance

Source: NetGalley

Summary from Goodreads: When a supernatural freak of nature forces her family to separate, seventeen-year-old Charlie Page must turn to her frustrating (yet gorgeous) neighbor, Seth, to help reunite them. Seth whisks Charlie to Ellauria—a magical world filled with the creatures of myths and legends—and tells her of the Fellowship, the group charged with protecting mystical beings from human discovery. (All except Bigfoot: that attention whore is a total lost cause.) But when Charlie learns that she’s under the Fellowship’s protection herself, well, “stressed” is an understatement.

Ellauria should be the safest place for Charlie while the Fellowship works to find her family, but things in the mystical realm aren’t what they seem.

Magic is failing, creatures are dying, and the Fellowship insists Charlie holds the key to saving everyone. With her family still missing and the danger in Ellauria growing, Charlie doesn’t know who she can trust. She’s dealing with a power she never asked for, falling for a guy she can’t have, and being forced to choose between her destiny and her heart. And if she chooses wrong, she could destroy magic forever.

Average Goodreads Rating (as of 08/10/2014): 4.35

  • Christina thought this title was a fun foray into the supernatural world. It goes on her shelf 3rd shelf. To find out why…

**SPECIAL NOTE:** An eARC of this title was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. However, that did not influence this review in any way. All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this version and not of the published edition.

Quick Thoughts and Rating:
3.5 stars!
As of late, I’ve neglected the supernatural for fantasy and contemporaries, so this was a fun place to reconnect with new and old mythical beings. Vivid imagery and lively characters made for an enjoyable read, and the book was over before I knew it.

The Lowdown: For all Charlie (Charlotte) Page’s life, it’s just been her, her twin brother, Sam, her mom, and their neighbor, Seth. The only special thing about her had been her art, her ability to transform a blank canvas into something beautiful with whatever medium she chose. But on the night of her and Sam’s seventeenth birthday, all sense of normalcy comes crashing to a screeching halt. Swept away to a mystical realm where every creature from myth and legend comes to life before her very eyes, Charlie has to cope with the idea that her entire life has been a lie. Her mom and her brother aren’t her blood family, Seth isn’t just her “neighbor” but her protector, and, above all else, she’s a descendant of Mother Nature, a pure muralet. Not only that, but others like her had been hunted to extinction because of the pure magic her blood contains and she’s the very last one.

However, something is amiss in this magical world, and someone very sinister is behind it. The key to saving ever magical creature in existence, including her missing mom and brother, rests on the shoulders of Charlie, she just has to decide if she’s brave enough to carry the burden.

My Thoughts: Whitmer managed to catch my attention early on. With easily likable characters, her dialogue flowed smoothly and I found myself rather fond and invested in the happenings that were occurring around them. I felt a particular kinship with Charlie, having a game where I can think of creative curses and a streak of rebellious behavior myself. Seth was stoic in every representation of the word, a rule follower, loyal to his position and the people he cares about. But it was in his flaws and vulnerability that I found myself the most drawn to him. The same goes for Keiran, who my heart tugged for in strange ways. (This is not a love triangle, much to my relief, so don’t think so. He was a genuinely good guy friend to Charlie, and I appreciated it.) I felt quite strongly about his troubles and those things he was struggling to deal with surrounding his identity, but I truly loved his charm as well.

Where I felt Whitmer shined the greatest was how she painted her surroundings and creatures with such vibrancy with her words, that I truly felt like I was there and visualizing everything myself. It was easy to be caught up in this magical world of Elluria and The Between, picturing mermaids, pixies, trolls, and all the other creatures your mind conjures up with such a vivid imagination as a child. It was like frolicking through long forgotten memories and I enjoyed living in this world she had created with new and old beings reimagined.

The author’s effortless pacing guided the story into a steady rhythm that made each scene transition into the next without pause. This made the novel a quick and easy read. Though, I will say that I kept waiting for the battle to come and it was over so quickly. I literally looked at my kindle at 79% and thought, How can she possibly wrap this novel up with so few pages left? Still, it didn’t seemed force or too rushed, but it felt like a giant build-up for so few pages of fighting.

I will say there are a few little critiques I had for the book, ones that were the reason for my rating being lower. First, I wanted to feel the emotions more strongly, between the friendships and the romances, and the personal struggles each character seemed to be experiencing. There seemed to be a more telling me that the characters were frustrated/sad/angry/experiencing longing rather than showing me through their actions and dialogue. The other was that I felt like Whitmer went the more stereotypical route with all the supernaturals. Fairies were bitchy and perfect. Harpies were crazed, flesh-eating psychos. Trolls were lumbering and stupid. It’s fine, but I just think she could have had so much creative freedom with this story, and I would’ve liked to see her truly bring these characters to life without falling back on old traits that we already “know” about them.

Lastly, the ending felt very open. One that I could be satisfied with, but also like it was left very vague in the hopes that she would be able to continue on with the storyline at a later point. It’s nothing that bothered me, but something that I felt I needed to state for those that are looking at this like a complete stand-alone. I mean, it is complete, but there wasn’t a ring of finality to it.

Swoons: Seth can be maddening at time because of his rule-following (I so felt Charlie’s frustration with this), but he had his moments. *sigh*

Swoony Teaser: 

“I want to kiss you just to know what it’s like,” he says quietly.

“But I can’t,” he whispers, “because once I kiss you, I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to stop.”
~quote taken from the eARC of Between at 64%

Rec It? If you’re looking for a quick read, something on the supernatural side, with fun characters, then definitely give this one a go!

A very special thanks to Spencer Hill Press and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this title in exchange for my review.


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