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Title: Sideswiped
Author: Lia Riley
Series: Off the Map #2
Publication: October 7th, 2014
Publisher: Grand Central/Forever (Hachette)
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary RomanceSynopsis: It was only meant to last the summer . . .

Talia Stolfi has seen more than her share of loss in her twenty-one years. But then fate brought her Bran Lockhart, and her dark world was suddenly and spectacularly illuminated. So if being with Bran means leaving her colorless NorCal life for rugged and wild Australia, then that’s what she’ll do. But as much as Talia longs to give herself over completely to a new beginning, the fears of her past are still lurking in the shadows.

Bran Lockhart knows that living without the beautiful girl who stole his heart will be torment, so he’ll take whatever time with her he can. But even though she has packed up her life in California and is back in his arms for the time being, she can’t stay forever. And the remaining time they have together is ticking by way too fast. Though fate seems determined to tear them apart, they won’t give up without a fight—because while time may have limits, their love is infinite . . .

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 **We received an advanced copy of this book,
but that did not influence the review**

Celeste 4.5 I’m so in love with Bran stars You guys, I love this series. L-O-V-E ! I am not sure exactly what makes it so special to  me, but I think it’s the chemistry between Bran and Talia. I’m talking total chemistry on all levels, from the kisses to smexy times, to the he just gets me and she just read my brain feeling that the two of them create. It truly feels like the rest of the world melts away when they are together, and I’m telling you…it was magic and made me feel good all over. This story picks up almost immediately where book 1 ended, so while it’s established that the two are in love, we now get to see them figure out their love, see how deep it runs, and understand that their love is strong and they will be together forever. It was a real story of a real relationship getting through the initial stages of being in love, you know, that time when couples have to make it work, and I loved watching them come out on top. Let’s get to the real reason this series is amazing. Bran. Bran is hot, cocky, full of himself, and brooding. I think Talia described him best when she called him a beautiful, angry boy. That sums him up almost entirely. He is indeed loveable although it takes him a long time to believe it too. I loved watching the transformation. And, not only does he realize he is worthy, but he loves Talia as much as she loves him. And when I say he loves her, I ‘m telling you he really loves her. With his whole being and it’s pretty much insanely romantic and I’m swooning as I type this because it was all consuming for him. *takes a breath* I’m telling you my friends, Ms. Riley made magic when she created Bran Lockhart. That is all. The ending was smooth, it was paced perfectly with the rest of the story and I loved it all. I can’t wait to see the final chapter of their journey as I know Bran and Talia own a piece of my heart too. Would I rec it? A million times yes!

Ana  4 not quite as excited as Celeste stars!

First, let’s be clear that, in the end, I did enjoy this book.  I was happy with the outcomes and the story progression and I think that the author did a good job in character development, especially with Talia.  Both Talia and Bran are very broken, having experienced much in their lives.  And they believe that it’s their love that can help them be themselves and, ultimately, move on.  I adored the fact that Talia was so strong in this book.  She faced her fears and, even though she knew it could change everything, she followed the path she felt was right.  The story showed the importance of following not just your heart but also your head…looking at the big picture, chasing happiness, and understanding that when you’re happy and satisfied, your relationships can be so much stronger.  So, in the end, I really felt that the story had progressed in the best possible way.

However, I must admit that there were parts in this story that made me want to stop reading – to set it aside and just give up.  As a matter of fact, I did put the book down at around the 40% mark and read 2 other books before going back.  That’s because the situations in the first half of the book felt like they were running on a loop…same confused emotions, same argument, same non-solution, sex…same confused emotions, same argument, same non-solution, sex…you get my point. I found it tedious and, quite honestly, it started to affect how I was feeling about the characters.  I know many of you will not agree with me when you read it but, for me, I needed the push forward to come a bit more quickly.  I needed Bran to get over himself and his fears and love Talia the way she needed to be loved…and I needed someone to make a decision.

But when I went back to the book with a clear mind and hope that things would get better, they did.  Talia found inner strength and decided to search for the future she not only wanted, but also needed.  The story began to move quickly as both Talia and Bran’s insecurities became palpable and their need to hold on to each other for support became intense.  The angst was off the charts and I found myself once again rooting for these two.

So, I guess it’s clear that this book was a roller coaster for me.  It certainly was not what I was expecting when I finished the first book but, in the end, it was worth the ride.

About the Author: Lia Riley writes offbeat New Adult Romance. After studying at the University of Montana-Missoula, she scoured the world armed only with a backpack, overconfidence and a terrible sense of direction. She counts shooting vodka with a Ukranian mechanic in Antarctica, sipping yerba mate with gauchos in Chile and swilling XXXX with stationhands in Outback Australia among her accomplishments. When not torturing heroes (because c’mon, who doesn’t love a good tortured hero?), Lia herds unruly chickens, camps, beach combs, daydreams about as-of-yet unwritten books, wades through a mile-high TBR pile and schemes yet another trip. She and her family live in Northern California. Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


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