October 23, 2014

Title:  Fly

Author:  T.A. Foster

Published:  August, 2014

Not everyone’s good at one-night stands.

Skye Stephens has the worst day of her professional career, and all she wants to do is shed her power suit and get lost in the sheets with the hot guy she met at the bar. The problem is, this uptight ad exec doesn’t know how to do one-night stands. She has strict rules about dating and when to let a man in her bedroom.

Fighter pilot Ben “Bolt” Hardcastle is used to lovin’ and leavin’. But, after he meets Skye, one night doesn’t seem to be enough.

When these two crash-land into each other, a connection strong enough to make the loner pilot and the sexy businesswoman shed their rules about love and relationships begins to burn deeper than either of them ever expected.

**Note:  This book was provided to the Book Hookup by the author but that did not in any way influence this reveiw!

Ana will put Fly on her second shelf!!

Check the dictionary under sweet, romantic read and I know that you will find this book.  The romantic angle actually surprised me –  I was expecting something more raw (after all, look at the cover).  But, I soon discovered that it was exactly what I wanted…a book that captured my heart, made me love the characters and made me sigh over and over again. A true feel good romance at it’s finest.

This is a short book and I can’t decide if that’s an advantage or not.  On one hand, it ended too soon and the ending did feel a bit rushed.  I wanted to bask in their love a little bit longer.  But, on the other side of the coin, the story’s natural flow would probably have felt wrong if too much more was added.  So I guess that means it’s just right.

I loved both Ben and Skye.  For the first time in a long time, I was happy to read about characters who, although they had their own struggles, weren’t bogged down with horrible pasts.  These two weren’t broken, they were just missing something that they didn’t even know they needed.  Ben is our playboy.  Relationships aren’t for him, he’s not giving his heart away.  Or so he thinks.  He has a cool, sexy, fighter pilot exterior but I love that, unbeknownst to him, he wears his heart on his sleeve.  Nothing better than a guy with a sexy swagger and a huge heart!!  Skye is too busy to think about love, she’s got a career to worry about.  She lives by her own rules and is strong enough to enforce them when necessary.  They’re both happily living their lives but, when they meet, the sparks fly.  Their chemistry is fantastic and the fact that she sets the terms for this romance sets this book apart from others.

If you’re looking for a quick read with wonderful characters and a love story worthy of a Hollywood romance, then this is the book for you.  It’s perfect for a lazy afternoon…it’ll leave you smiling, sighing and content.  At least that’s what it did for me.


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