November 28, 2014

Title:  Undone

Series:  The Guardians

Author:  Jessica Roe

Published:  March 2014

Nicky is trying to be a good guy…All Gable wants is to be bad.

Fresh out of prison and down on his luck, Nicky is trying to be a good guy. With a past overrun by darkness and shadows, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to change. He just never dreamed his road to redemption would open his eyes to a world full of magic and mystical beings.

All Gable wants is to be bad. Because only a bad person would do the things she’s done and not even care. She’s not looking to be saved, not from her world, not from herself. Not even by Nicky.

At sixteen, Nicky and Gable were in love, but eight years apart is a long time and people change. After the tragedy that once ripped Gable from Nicky’s world, they never expected to see each other again, especially not on the opposing sides of a fight between good and evil.

They will rescue each other, they will betray each other, they will be undone.

Ana will put Undone on her second shelf!!

If you’re looking for a story that’s got fantasy, mystery, drama, crime, adventure and just a hint of romance, this is the book for you! This paranormal story gives us that perfect balance of a good storyline, great characters and an intriguing world you want to know more about. Long story short, it’ll capture you!

Nicky is fresh out of prison and looking to set his life straight. The funny thing about life is that it sometimes throws you a curve ball. And in Nicky’s case that comes in the form of a secret organization that needs his help. Turns out that Nicky sees shadows (yes, dead people who haven’t moved on) and the Guardians need that special skill among their ranks.

Speaking of the Guardians, our introduction to this secret government agency means we are shown a world very different from our own.  And, we also get to meet lots of great secondary characters, both those in the Guardian organization, and those they’re protecting, the Outcasts.  The world-building is well done here and the different abilities that the characters posess is intriguing.  It takes a little while to get into the adventure because there’s so much for us (and for Nicky) to learn about this world but once the action begins it doesn’t let up.

I thought Nicky was great. He was rough around the edges but also caring and sweet. I loved his humour and his inner monologue was very fun at times. Gabrielle, or Gable as we know her in this story, lives life on the bad side of the tracks. She works for a very evil man and has a reputation of being tough as nails. Because Nicky and Gable have a past, we’re treated to a few twists in the plot that add to the depth of both characters. I liked their chemistry and will enjoy seeing where their relationship takes them in the future.

Overall, this was a good read! The characters were well developed and the story provided enough mystery and twists to keep me turning the pages. I think there’s still a lot left to tell in this world and many stories to uncover. I hope the author is busy working on the next instalment!


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