December 1, 2014

Title:  Isn’t She Lovely

Series:  Redemption

Author:  Lauren Lane

Published:  October 2013

“Who knew that pretending you’re not falling for someone would be so much more difficult than pretending that you are?”

Stephanie Kendrick gave up her whole summer to ace her NYU film school screenwriting course, so she’s pissed to be stuck with a preppy, spoiled frat boy as her writing partner. Then again, with her piercings, black-rimmed eyes, and Goth wardrobe, Stephanie isn’t exactly Ethan Price’s type, either. He’s probably got his eye on some leggy blonde with a trust fund… or does he?

As the summer scene kicks off in the Hamptons, Ethan is desperate to make his snobbish mother forget the pedigreed girl who broke his heart. While Stephanie’s a stretch as a decoy, the right makeover and a pastel cardigan just might do the trick. She may not love the idea of playing Ethan’s brainless Barbie girlfriend, but the free rent and luxurious digs make a tempting offer. So does the promise of a ready-made screenplay idea inspired by their charade.

But when Stephanie steps into Ethan’s privileged world, the “acting” begins to feel all too real. The kissing and touching that were intended to fool the Hamptons crowd wind up manipulating “them.” And Stephanie faces a question she’s too afraid to ask: Is Ethan falling for the real her or for the dolled-up princess he wants to see?

Ana will put Isn’t She Lovely on her top shelf!!

4.5 stars!  What could be better than to read a book that has you smiling form beginning to end?  This is a tried and true story.  It’s one we’ve seen in movies and read about in books countless times – Pygmalion reinvented.  Yet this version is written in such a way that somehow makes it feel fresh and new.  These characters burrowed themselves into my heart from the very first page and made me wish that the story was at least another 100 pages long so that I could spend more time with them.

Both Ethan and Stephanie have reasons to want to be at school over the summer – their families.  Neither one wants to face their troubles and, therefore, end up on the same class.  These two couldn’t be more different.  Ethan comes from money and is the ultimate preppy, smart , rich kid.  Stephanie is the darker character…the “goth” girl who wants to hide from the world.  But when they meet the sparks fly.  Even if neither of them recognizes said sparks and, even go as far as to try to deny them, it’s never a question about whether they belong together.  Their chemistry is strong and as they get to know each other, they begin to realize that they’re good for one another.  I loved that we didn’t get insta-love here…these two worked for the ultimate prize, each other.

This was a quick read (too quick, if you ask me…I wanted more of these two!!)  with a great storyline!  I loved the witty banter between the characters, the laugh-out-loud moments and sweet, swoony scenes too.  This is a book has that familiarity of coming home.  It’s a story we’re all familiar with but one that will never get old.  And Ms. Layne’s writing makes this particular version of the story edgier and more contemporary.  And, of course, there’s nothing better than reading a story you know will have an ending that will leave you satisfied and happy.  Trust me, if you love love, you’ll enjoy it.  I know I did!


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