April 13, 2015

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The Summer I Fell
by Sonya Loveday

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About the Book:

“So you wanna be part of the Six, huh? You wish…”
~Jared, Ace, Mark, Josh, Aiden & Eli

Riley Clifton can’t remember a time when she wasn’t a part of the Six, a group of rowdy boys who would do just about anything for her. Growing up alongside of six guys is never easy. Especially in high school. Falling in love with one of the Six? Even harder when Ace has a hold of her heart, and he doesn’t even know it.

Jake (Ace) Aceton has loved Riley for a long time, but has kept the secret oath of the Six. Riley was off limits. At least until after graduation. When he overhears Riley admitting to her best friend, Paige how she feels about him, Ace doesn’t let his chance slip by. Riley, in his mind, has always been his.
When her college plan falls through, and her future is left to the hands of fate, Riley finds herself scrambling to keep up with all the changes. But that’s not the hardest part. The hardest part is saying good-bye, especially to Ace.

Heartache, hard lessons, and a love deeper than her Alabama roots will threaten to crumble Riley’s world as she waits for Ace’s return.

Will Riley and Ace’s love be strong enough to hold them together when life tries to tear them apart.

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Ana will put The Summer I Fell on her third shelf!!

When I started this book I was expecting only a fun summer read.  In reality I got much more than that with some very interesting plot twists and characters.  The “Six” are friends to the outside world but, in reality, they’re a family.  Six guys who’ve known each other forever and look to each other for support, guidance and fun.  The seventh member of the team is Riley.  She’s always been an honorary part of the gang but she harbors a secret.  She’s in love with one of them.  This is the story of what happens…

I enjoyed the interactions of these characters and it was very obvious the love they shared for one another.  So, Riley’s love for Ace was pretty much taboo.  What she didn’t realize was that he loved her too.  But, thankfully, that doesn’t take too long to come to light and Riley and Ace discover that everyone already understood they were meant to be.  The storyline follows their love story as it unfolds and I really enjoyed seeing them grow closer and watching them discover each other in a different way.  Most of the book revolves around the last few days before they all go their separate ways – some to college, others to a career and still others who don’t exactly know what’s coming next.  So, in some ways it feels like Riley and Ace don’t have enough time to get to know each other in this more intimate way but the author does dedicate the middle part of the book to them which I enjoyed.

If I could change a couple of things about this book, I would.  First, there are 6 guys to get to know and that’s a lot of characters.  I found myself a bit confused at times.  I understand that this is the first book of many and that it was important to bring in all the characters but, at the same time, I couldn’t keep them all straight.  I also wish that there was a prequel…a book about this group that would help me better understand how they became so tight with one another and let me immerse myself in their relationships.  I think I would have been better prepared for this story.  Secondly, I think that Riley and Ace’s story needed a bit more “getting to know you as something different than an friend” before the sexy times got started.  I realize that they had a short window of time but it all felt a bit too rushed for me.

Overall, this was a good read.  But, I must warn you that there’s a doozy of a cliffhanger at the end.  I know some of you don’t enjoy that so just be warned.  It will be interesting to see this story as it unfolds in upcoming books and I know that we will have the opportunity to get to know these characters more intimately which, for me, is a definite plus.  The “Six” are an interesting bunch and it’ll be fun to see where the author takes them.

About the Author:

Sonya Loveday, first and foremost is a reader, an avid one. It is of that love that brought her to purchasing her first laptop in 2009, and publishing her first novel, Casted, in 2013. In early 2014, Sonya expanded Casted and then went on to publish Spelled, the sequel to Casted, in March, wrapping up the series, and her stint with Paranormal Romance. For now.

Not long after the completion to the Casted Series, Sonya tried her hand at New Adult/Coming of Age, a sub-genre of Contemporary Romance. Thusly, the Six were born with The Summer I Fell, which released at the end of July 2014. The demand from readers was instantaniously, which brought about End Note, the second book of the series in December 2014.To date, Sonya lives in Central Florida with her husband, and two kids, and is currently working on her fifth book set to release later this spring 2015.

Author links:

http://www.sonyaloveday.com/ https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7060433.Sonya_Loveday https://www.facebook.com/sonyalovedayauthor https://twitter.com/SonyaLoveday

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