Okay, so if you’ve been anywhere near my twitter feed or Goodreads account, then you will know today’s guest on The Book Hookup without a shadow of doubt. If there was a summit near me, and assuming I’m in excellent shape, I’d travel to that mountain top and proclaim to the world my absolute love for him. In my review of Tessa Ever After, the second installment of the Caged in Winter series, I said this about him, “Holy unf with a giant heaping of hot damn! J was a bit of everything that I love in a complex hero. He’s an unapologetic ladies’ man, which has certainly developed his skills in the bedroom… and that’s including his verbal skills.

“I could,” he says, his voice so quiet, I barely hear him. But I do. I do, and I want exactly what he’s suggesting. “I could make you feel so good, Tess.”

~quote taken from the print ARC of Tessa Ever After, pg. 108

*takes a moment to fan my cheeks after remembering the full scene of what happens in that hallway* But he’s also really sweet and considerate and responsible and swoony.”

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So, yes, the Jason “HOLY-DIRTY-TALKER-BATMAN!’ Montgomery, will be here at the Book Boyfriend Den shortly and I am more than a little delighted to get some much needed one-on-one time with him.

As Christina hustles around, making last minute arrangements before Jason arrives, the doorbell chimes and she rushes to answer it.

To find out who is on the other side of the door…

Christina: *clearly flustered because Jason is standing there all sex hair, golden gazed, and– sorry, it takes a moment for her eyes to travel the length of him– so so tall* Wow, you’re hot *cough* TALL! Super tall. *breathy sigh* Hi.

Jason: *slow grin* Hi yourself.

Christina:  *swoons just a little* Duh, sorry, I’m an idiot. Come on in. *moves out of the way so he can step inside* You want a drink? We have a fully stocked bar, so whatever you want. *mumbles “Me included.”* Pick wherever to sit and make yourself comfortable. I plan on finding out all your dirty secrets today.

Jason: *laughs* Dirty secrets, huh? What makes you think I have any of those? And I’ll take a Corona, if you have it.

Christina: Coming right up. *hands him his drink and takes the seat opposite him* And, I’m sure you have plenty. You are you afterall. So, Jason, before we get started, thanks so much for agreeing to meet me today. I know a few ladies (and maybe a few gents) out there that would give just about anything to be where I am right now. How are things with you? How’s Tess and Haley?

Jason: Things are good with me. Haley’s at school, having a blast, I’m sure. And Tessa…well, Tessa’s very good. Or she was when I left her. *wink*

Christina: OH. Well… damn. You want to tell me about that? I mean, that must be nice. *daydreams* Now for the good stuff… How was working with Brighton Walsh? Were you quick to give her your thoughts and feelings, or did the thought of putting yourself out there make you a little uncomfortable?

Jason: *shrugs* I didn’t mind it. I’m pretty much an open book, so it wasn’t too rough…on either of us, I don’t think.

Christina: That’s cool. I actually do think that you were one of the easiest Brighton’s had thus far. And now for the unavoidable question: Falling for your best friend’s baby sister, that’s kind of breaking major bro code, right? Be honest, how worried were you about Cade finding out?

Jason: Uh…yeah. That sucked. Cade is like a brother to me, so I hated to do that to him, but, well, I didn’t care. *laughs* That probably makes me sound callous and like a total dickhead, but it’s the truth. I wouldn’t have done it for a random hook-up or a one night stand or anything. But…it was Tessa.

Christina: *clutches heart* Awwwww. Can you remember the exact moment that made you really see Tess in a different light or did it sneak up on you, your possible attraction to her? Because when we start the book, and I even noticed hints of it in Caged in Winter, your mind had already started making that transition to wanting her, didn’t it?

Jason: Wow, you really pull out the tough questions, huh?

Christina: Damn right I do. I’m nothing if not thorough. *ahem*

Jason: Me too. *smirks*

Christina: Oh, trust me. I. Know. Though, sadly, not personally. *pouts* Okay, I’ll try to stop with the blatant flirting. I know you’re taken now.

Jason: I am, indeed. And…I honestly don’t remember when I looked at her differently. I mean, looking back now, I realize that I never saw her like Cade did, obviously, or even like Adam. But there was this one time, maybe a year or so before we got together, when I was hanging out with Cade, and Tessa came strutting out of the bathroom in a towel that barely covered her ass. I got hard. And then I got pissed at myself because I got hard. And then that started the vicious cycle.

Christina: Nice. See? I told you I’d get the dirt. Okay, last question in regards to the book, what’s your absolute favorite scene– you know, of the sexier ones– in Tessa Ever After? I know I loved them all, especially when you got very verbal. Speaking of which, would you consider yourself a bit cocky and do you ever worry if the things you say will turn a girl off? Just in case you’re wondering, I love your mouth… err, the way you use it… um, *blushes* I’ll just be shutting up now.

Jason: I can honestly say I’ve never had a girl turned off by my dirty mouth, no. And I realize that, yes, that probably makes me cocky. *shrugs*

Christina: No, I get it. No shame in your game.

Jason: None whatsoever. And favorite dirty scene? *groans* What to pick… The first time I touched her? While that was fucking amazing, I’m going to say the scene after Cade found out. Nothing sexier than Tess giving herself to me and showing that she believed in us.

Christina: Unf, can I get an amen? *nods* That was an incredible scene. (For all of you who haven’t read the book and are reading this interview anyway, bet you wish you knew what we were talking about, huh? *evil laughter*) We get a pretty clear indication of who you are from your point of view in the book, but is there anything that you can share with us– maybe pet peeves, guilty pleasures, pipe dreams– that reveals a little more about who you are that maybe you didn’t share with Brighton?

Jason: *shifts uncomfortably* Umm… No?

Christina: *quirks brow* Really, nothing you want to share?

Jason: *downs the rest of his beer* I can honestly say, no, I wouldn’t want to share this, but, uh, I might have, once or twice, and only for, like, fifteen minutes, umm…done those facial mask things with Tessa. What’s the next question?

Christina: *full-on belly laughs* No! No. We’re not switching up. Which ones– mud, clay, green tea, the fruity ones with the little gritty beads that make your face feel amazing? Hopefully never the pumpkin ones that smell like ass.

Jason: *glares* You’re being very rude to your clearly uncomfortable guest right now. *coughs* And those gritty beads really do make your face feel amazing!

Christina: YES! God, I love you. This. These questions. *fidgets and averts gaze* Moooving on. I pick up your iPod/phone and randomly shuffle through the music on it. Tell me which band/artist/song I might land on that would surprise people. Forewarning, I reserve the right to judge you but no one else can.

Jason: When you started this interview, was your sole mission to embarrass the piss out of me?

Christina: I said I wanted dirt. I can’t help it if you aren’t secure enough to admit this stuff out loud to your adoring audience. Pussy much?

Jason: Yes, I pussy all the time, thanks. *smirks*

Christina: Touche. Your mouth will get you everywhere with me. *smirks back* Be careful, Jason, I can play games, too.

Jason: Dirty girl. Your husband is a very lucky man.

Christina: Normally flattery would get you everywhere– and yes, he’s totally lucky– but don’t try to sweet talk me. Now, stop trying to be smooth and answer the question.

Jason: Okay, look, the only reason I have this on my phone is because, well, you remember when that video of those baseball players in the car went viral? And all the girls went crazy over it? Well… Let’s just say Call Me Maybe has gotten me laid a few times.

Christina: You can not be serious?

Jason: I never joke about getting laid.

Christina: Damn. I want to say kudos for the hookups, but I’m probably judging you a little and probably, definitely, judging the girls. But I’m sure it had zero to do with the song and everything to do with you looking and talking like you do.

Jason: Well. Who am I to argue with logic?

Christina: A very smart man, obviously. Now, favorite kid/family movie? Has Haley got you hooked on anything new or are you still so hung up on dreamy Flynn Rider and Tangled?

Jason: Tangled is so last year. Everything in our house is Frozen. A grown man with a dick the size of mine should not know all the words to Let it Go.

Christina: *eyes grow wide* Sorry, I kind of lost everything after talk of your dick. Wha… can I get a 3D image of this or something? Cock mold, maybe? We could go into business together. I’m thinking it’d be a luctrative enterprise.

Jason: If it was up to me, I’d say fine, but Tessa doesn’t like when I show my junk off.

Christina: She wouldn’t. Greedy ass.

Just as Christina is getting set to ask her next question, the doorbell chimes again and Jason shrugs at Christina’s puzzled expression. “Um, sorry, I wasn’t expecting any other company… I’ll just be one second.”

The doorbell rings again in a series of frequent dings and Christina hollers, “Jaysus, hold your fucking horses, I’m coming!” From outside she hears a chorus of female voices sing-songing, “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!”

Throwing open the door, she finds Tessa and Paige on the porch. “Well well well, this is certainly a surprise! No offense, but what are y’all doing here?” *throws over her shoulder* “J, some of your favorite ladies just popped up!”

Paige: *opens her arms and walks toward Jason* Awww, did you miss me?

Jason: *goes in for a hug, then pushes her in the forehead and bee-lines it for Tess* Hey, baby. I didn’t know you were coming by. *leans in for a kiss that is not at all appropriate for public*

Tessa: *fans herself as she pulls away* Hello to you, too. And I had to make sure Christina was behaving herself. *eyebrow raise*

Christina: *cough* Me? Totally always on my best behavior. *shines my imaginary halo* I definitely wasn’t asking about 3D images of Jason’s cock or anything… *looks at Paige* Wanna help me out here? I can’t be the only one curious.

Paige: *laughs* Oh, girl. I’ve tried. Tessa…God love her, but she’s a bit of a prude.

Tessa: *gasps* I am not!

Paige: Hokay. *pats her head*

Christina: Yeah. O-kay. Paige, you should be a better influence on your girl.

Paige: I’ve tried. Lord, have I tried…

Jason: Hey, quit trying to corrupt my girl. She was plenty dirty last night when she let me–

Tessa: *shoves hand over Jason’s mouth* OKAY, NO NEED TO TALK ABOUT THAT NOW, BABE. *laughs uncomfortably and turns tomato red*

Christina: Nonononooooo. Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Please, share with the class. *pleading eyes*


Jason: *mumbles behind Tessa’s hand*

Paige: *stares between them both then looks at Christina* Well, they went to a movie last night and Haley stayed with me, if that tells you anything. And I happen to know public sex is on Tessa’s bucket list.

Tessa: *gasps* PAIGE! I cannot believe you just told everyone that. How would you like it if I told everyone about that time Tommy fingered you in the stairwell between classes?

Christina: OH DAMN. *pretends to eat popcorn while glancing back and forth between the girls*

Paige: *shrugs* I own my dirty, girl.

Jason: *groans and shifts under Tessa who’s firmly planted in his lap* Baby, we gotta stop talking about this or I’m going to– *leans in and whispers in Tessa’s ear, making her the one to squirm*

Christina: You two *looks pointedly at J and Tess* are no fucking fair. Well, since Tessa is once again trying to pretend she has sainthood, you guys made it just in time for some of my last questions if you want to join us.

Paige: Sweet, count me in. I mean, I know it wasn’t my book, but let’s be real: I totally stole the show, amirite?

Christina: Absolutely. You were fucking hilarious. We’re best friends now, right?

Paige: Of course. Especially since my old best friend just shared all my dirty secrets.

Tessa: Oh, please, it’d take all night to divulge all your dirty secrets.

Paige: *grins* She’s got me there.

Christina: Okay, back to business, though we’ll continue this discussion later minus prying eyes and ears. Dreaded desert island scenario question: what three things are you taking and why? Don’t look at me that way, I can’t be awesome and original ALL the time!

Paige: B.O.B., my kindle, and sunscreen. For pleasure, pleasure, and I’m not an idiot. I don’t want to look like a lobster.

Tessa: my favorite book because I could read it a hundred times and not get sick of it, chapstick because I can’t stand chapped lips, and a blanket for protection from the sun during the day and against the chill at night.

Jason: You sure you don’t want to bring B.O.B., too, baby? We could have some fun under that blanket…

Tessa: *shoves him in the chest* Just answer the question so we can get home. *stares pointedly at his crotch*

Jason: beer, porn, my phone; I think these are all pretty self explanatory.

Quickfire Questions:

Jason: pancakes

Tessa: waffles

Paige: waffles

  • Indoor fireplace for two or Outdoor bonfire with friends?

Paige: outdoor bonfire

Tessa: fireplace

Jason: bonfire

  • Karoke night or Actual concert?

Tessa: concert

Paige: karoke

Jason: concert

  • Salty, sweet, or a bit of both?

Jason: salty

Tessa: sweet

Paige: both

  • Beach bum or mountain hiker?

Paige: mountain hiker

Jason: beach bum

Tessa: beach bum

Christina: Okay, before I let you all go so you can get to your other friends– though excuse me while I pout because I would have loved to see them, too– I have a couple last questions about the future. Can you tell me what’s going on with you… any important dates to watch for *raises eyebrows at Jason and Tessa* *cough*wedding invitations*cough* or new fun things to report? As Brighton Walsh’s Plot Whisperer, I’m sure you know I’m authorized to get top secret information. Do you know if she has any more plans for more books with you guys in the future? Please say yes!

Paige: All I can say is, the bridesmaid dresses better be black. You know that shit is classic, Tess, plus you can actually wear a black bridesmaid dress again. Especially if you do the short ones. Oh! And we could do bouquets of tulips! How amazing would that look with the pop of color against the black?

Tessa: Um, I think a wedding is probably a long ways off. I mean, we haven’t really even talked about it, so… *glances back at Jason who returns her shrug*

Jason: *keeps a straight face until Tessa turns around and then grins behind her back and winks at Paige and Christina*

Christina: *tries to remain stoic and not give anything away* And what about the future of the group? Any more books? I need answers, people. Paige, you’re most likely to spill. You got anything for me?

Paige: Who else would there be a book on? Haley? I mean…maybe, but that’s a ways off, don’t you think?

Christina: Welllllllll, I mean, there’s actually been a lot of people campaigning and busting Brighton’s balls…*scrunches up her nose* ugh, whatever, you know what I mean… about you getting a book. Would that be something you might would want?

Paige: Really? They want to hear about me? I mean, I guess I can see that. I’m pretty awesome. But I don’t know about a book…Brighton’s whole thing is HEAs and finding that one true love, and, well, I like finding all the guys who aren’t that one true love. But I’m totally up for a book about that! Lots of guys. Lots of sex. Seems like a win-win to me. She better have her people call my people.

Christina: I mean, I’d totally read about you giving some of these playboys *cough*former ones and present company included*cough* a run for their money. So, never say never, huh?

Paige: Who knows what the future holds?

Christina: Except your wedding bells. Badumdum.

Paige: *laughs* You got that right, sister.

Christina: This was so much fun! Thanks for stopping by and chatting with me. Be sure and tell Cade, Winter, Adam, and Haley I said hey and I’ll try not to be too disappointed that they didn’t show their faces today. Y’all come back and visit any time!

Tessa: Thanks for having us! Sorry to crash the interview. *bats off Jason’s wandering hands*

Jason: *lifts his head from Tessa’s neck* Yeah, and thanks for the Corona.

Paige: See ya, guys. I’mma chill here with Christina for a bit. We have some dishing to do…

Christina: Yeah yeah, no problem. Happy to have y’all and all that good stuff. *pushes the lovebirds out the door* Sooo, Paige, dah-ling, about these dirty secrets. Just curious, do they include–*closes the front door*

If you’re a fan of Brighton Walsh’s books, I’m happy to let you know about her upcoming titles and if you haven’t purchased Tessa Ever After, which published May 5th, go jump on that.

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Five years ago she created a new identity for herself, but it all crashes back when something she witnessed years ago comes back to haunt her. Now she’s in danger of losing more than her social status.

Determined to protect the careful life she’s built for herself, Evie doesn’t want anything to do with Riley, the criminal for hire who broke her heart years ago. But Riley has other ideas. He’s never forgotten Evie, and to protect her, he steals her away. Hidden from the world, sparks begin to fly as old memories resurface and their passion reignites.

– a novella in 90’s Playlist: a MUSIC OF A DECADE anthology, publishing October 2015

She’s the last thing he needs, but she’s the only thing he wants…as long as it’s behind closed doors.

It was supposed to be a one-time thing. No one finds out; no one would have to know. And then once turned into twice, and twice turned into several times a week, and now pierced, punk-loving, rebellious Tia Lanning is banging Mason Brooks, the big man on campus and Mr. All American.

But banging him isn’t the problem. Falling for him is. Especially when he’s content to let her remain his dirty little secret.

 ♥ A very special thanks to Berkley Romance for allowing us to participate in the blog tour and to Brighton Walsh for indulging Christina in her lengthy interviews. 

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