December 24, 2015

Title: Inspiring You
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Series: Unraveling You
Publisher: self-published
Published: July 15, 2015
Genre: YA/NA contemporary romance, suspense

Synopsis: Ayden knows it’s time to remember what really happened four years ago, so he can help save his sister. With the help of Lyric, he faces his past head on.

But dealing with the truth is difficult.

Will Ayden finally be free of his past so he can move forward to his future?

3.5 stars What a journey. I had to take a moment to let everything that happened sink in. This story was so good, stressful, yet there was always one bit of hope even in the darkest times…and that is what made this story magical. Now, while I loved these books I have to admit this installment wasn’t my favorite. eep! YES, it was still really, really good…it just lost a little of what made it super “5 star” special to me.

So, if you know me, you know I love really angsty romances, just like this one between Lyric and Ayden, but by the time we got to the 4th book it wasn’t so angsty anymore and that part of the story fell a bit flat for me. I loved that they were in love, but it didn’t feel fresh anymore. Maybe part of the reason is that it was a lot of fade to black…but I don’t know. I’m a romantic at heart so I was a bit disappointed in that department.

However, in addition to angsty I also really love dark and emotional reads. And this series is definitely dark and emotional. Ayden really battled falling into the the bleakness that surrounded him. So many horrible things happened and were happening to him. He struggled to stay afloat, and I loved that he never stopped trying, and he took charge by doing shock therapy. He did everything in his power not to be a victim to try to save his sister. It was a long road, but with her life and others on the line he was determined to help.

One thing that I have to talk about is the musical talent. I didn’t really get it. Were they actually talented? It just didn’t seem realistic. Lyric was “cured” of stage fright in nearly one session, yet going on a big tour. And I’m not sure if I bought that Ayden was *that* good at guitar. I didn’t really know he played. Where did he learn? The whole band thing isn’t believable – that they are that good. It should just be a hobby in this story in my opinion. Regardless, it was a nice side story even if it could have been done differently.

Rec this? YES! A story about healing, with a romance and suspense thrown in. This closing chapter on Ayden and Lyric is not to be missed, but I loved the first 3 books a lot more. I will definitely read Sage and Sadie’s story when it comes out, it’s not going to be easy but I can’t wait to see both of them find peace and happiness.

Happy reading!


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