February 1, 2016

Title: Fears and Scars
Author: Emily Krat
Series: Damaged Hearts
Publisher: self-published
Published: January 25, 2016
Genre: new adult romance

Synopsis: One lie can destroy everything. What will a pile of them do?

A chance encounter changed everything for Ryan and Liz. Five months later, they have an all-consuming love, a deep emotional bond, an explosive sexual chemistry, and a newfound trust. They’re engaged and on the way to their happily ever after. The only problem is a secret from Elizabeth’s past that Ryan has been hiding. The truth will come out. Will it set Ryan and Liz free or break them apart and destroy their dreams?

Life challenges every relationship. Ryan and Liz will learn that secrets aren’t their only problem.

“We’re strong. We’ll survive this. We can survive anything.” – Ryan.

**I received a copy of this book from the author,
but that did not influence the review**

3 stars I really enjoyed Liz and Ryan’s story in Flawed and Damaged but I had to refresh my memory…after I brushed up I was worried that the chemistry I had felt in the first installment wouldn’t be as magical this time around, but I felt the love right away between Liz and Ryan. phew. I have to admit that soon the book started to feel like an extended epilogue for me and I honestly could have done without most of it…or at least up to 80%. The last 20% of the book things changed gears and really grabbed me. I wish the book had been about *that* part of the story as I love a good suspense.

Early on David was on the scene and I was a little nervous because he seemed to have ulterior motives. For all you anti-love triangle people (like me) you can release your breath because Liz squashed all that (nearly) right away.

That brings me to Liz. Liz is dramatic and she irritated me in the first book and in this installment I really couldn’t stand her. I tried to like her but her over the top unnecessary drama wore me down. Ryan loved her though so through his eyes I enjoyed their relationship.

Then’s there’s Ryan. Even this time around he annoyed me. I had to put the book down for a bit because he made a VERY stupid choice. So ridiculous. I could be wrong but maybe it was to portray Ryan as alpha, but instead he came out as annoying and over the top. Ryan said he couldn’t tell Liz things but that was ridiculous. I just wanted to shake him. For the love of God just tell her. Ryan’s promises were all very empty and it was kind of exhausting to read.

So that’s why this is 3 stars…I really struggling to buy that there was any type of plot except two people who thrived on self-made drama. I was wishing the story ended in the last book. BUT THEN! Out of nowhere this awesome suspense came in and redeemed the story for me. I love being caught off guard. I really wish the suspense factor had been brought in earlier, at least with some foreshadowing, and it would have pulled me in from the start. I love not knowing what’s going to happen on the next page. There was definitely some potential for some wild stuff. However, that part was over before it began, but know that I really devoured it.

Rec this? Maybe? If you loved Ryan and Liz and want more of them beyond just an epilogue this could work for you…I just had felt like it wrapped up the first time. Good luck and happy reading!


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