Title:  The Gambler

Series:  The Wedding Pact

Author:  Denise Grover Swank

Published:  September 2015

Libby St. Clair believes in fate—so much so, she’s willing to pin everything on a curse a fortune teller placed on her and her two best friends when they were kids. The curse, that each of them will marry before thirty, have a disaster of a wedding, and end up with a man other than her original fiancé, has come to fruition for both of her friends, who are now deliriously happy. But Libby’s attempt to quick-start the curse by proposing to her wrong-for-her boyfriend ends in a wild dash from the altar. She’s rescued by her friend Noah, the only person who understands her impulsive decisions–because he’s the same way.

Having spent most of his adulthood fleeing responsibility and commitment, Noah McMillan is finally ready to grow up. Of course, figuring out how is still a work in progress. When he realizes he’s in love with Libby, he flies to Kansas City to put a stop to her wedding. But Libby’s already pulled a runaway bride. Eager to cheer her up and prove that he can be the man she deserves, he takes her on a madcap car trip that will bring them all the way to the City of Sin.

In Vegas, those who risk it all either win big or lose everything, so what will happen if Libby and Noah take a gamble on love?


Another fun read with just enough drama to keep me turning the pages and just enough romance to make my heart beat faster!  Once again Ms. Swank has given us characters to love and a love story to get behind.  Her flawless writing, the sweet story lines, and the humor she adds to these books ensures reader satisfaction!

Libby is the dreamer among her tight group of friends.  She’s the one who believes in destiny and soulmates and true love.  She’s the one who believes in a curse…a curse that will have her wedding in shambles but true love found from the ashes.  And, even though her two closest friends have actually experienced said curse, they still don’t really buy into it.  But Libby doesn’t give up…she tries to kick start it by marrying the wrong guy and thus begins her adventure.  Libby is a strong character who knows what she wants and, even though she’s got some baggage, is willing to fight for it.  I’ve loved Noah from the very first time I met him in the first book.  He’s charming, swoonworthy and sexy.  He’s also troubled and believes he’s caused his family harm in the past.  These two may be a bit broken but, ultimately, they can help each other…they can fix each other with love.  It was great to see the characters I loved in the first two books here and, as always, the grandmothers brought humor to some difficult situations.

This is the kind of book that makes you smile, that makes your heart flutter and that has you concerned even though, deep down, you know things will be alright.  The characters get under your skin and make you love them and, although the story may be similar to others you’ve read, Ms. Swank brings a freshness to this book that will make you smile.  This series has been a pleasure to read and has made my romance-loving heart very happy!

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