Title:  Bidding on Brooks

Series:  The Winslow Brothers

Author:  Katy Regnery

Published:  May 2015

Railroaded into a bachelor auction by his sister, Jessica, Brooks Winslow asks his friend, Skye Sorenson, to bid on him to avoid the possibility of any romantic entanglements. Fiercely competitive and protective of those he cares for, Brooks was profoundly affected by the loss of his father at an early age. A witness to his mother’s terrible loneliness and his siblings’ grief, the ex-Olympian has never allowed himself to fall in love.

Skye Sorenson, the plucky mechanic at Sorenson Marina, where Brooks moors his three sailboats, is a credible sailor in her own right…and has quietly lusted after Brooks for years. But her longstanding friendship with Brooks has always made romance seem impossible.

When Skye agrees to bid on Brooks, the two cast off for a weeklong ocean adventure on Brooks’ sailboat, The Zephyr.

And…what happens in Zephyrland stays in Zephyrland.


A fun story full of drama, sticky situations, meddling family, and romance, this book was a sweet, easy read.  This is the beginning of a new series for Ms. Regnery and I think the characters in this story, who will ultimately get their own boos, will win your heart.  There’s just the right amount of turmoil in this story to make the ultimate ending that much sweeter and, of course, as you know, I love love so I was delighted with how this all turned out.

Skye has been raised by her father and her absent mother, who left them when Skye was just a girl, is not a pillar of society.  She’s spent her life on the water, fixing boats and enjoying the world of sailing.  She’s also been in love with Brooks since the first time she laid eyes on him when they were children.  Brooks comes from a rich family with their own set of problems.  His father passed away when he was young and, since then, he’s avoided romantic entanglements because he wants to spare anyone the hurt he felt growing up without a father.  He and Skye are good friends and, thanks to Brooks’ sister, they’re put into a situation to turn that into more.  This is the story about how they overcome their pasts, and their current insecurities, to open their hearts to more.

Overall, this was a good read with characters that I really enjoyed and a story line set in a world I had not read about before, sailing.  These two will win your heart and you will be cheering for them from the start.  This is the first book in a series and I know the upcoming stories will be filled with Ms. Regnery’s wonderful writing and fantastic romance.  If you haven’t read any of her books, you might want to start now!

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