In Your Dreams by Ginger Scott
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: e-ARC

Casey Coffield has a growing list of personal flaws he keeps locked away in his head: He’s never on time. His list of IOUs to his best friend is endless. Money is always short.

Goals are never in reach.

Oh, and he’s decided to add college drop-out to that list, too. He doesn’t really think that last one’s such a bad thing, but his family insists it is, so it stays on the list.

On paper, he’s a zero. But in person, when he’s mixing tracks for a sea of bodies at the hottest clubs and parties, he’s downright irresistible. Just-right stubble on his chin, body of a boxer and a smirk that stimulates all the right nerves—women have never been a problem. They flock to his swagger and fall for his charm…fast.

All except for this one.

Purple hair, gray eyes, a raspy voice and sass, Murphy Sullivan is a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. And her and Casey? They have history. He can’t remember it, but she wrote a song about him—and it’s not exactly a love song. But it is good. Damn good. And uncovering her inspiration just might be the key to solving a few of his shortcomings—not to mention open doors to his own big break in the music industry.

But sometimes dreams get messy when they collide. Sometimes life changes patterns. A past paints the wrong picture and futures get cloudy. The only question that remains is who will you choose when the dust settles—you? Or the girl of your dreams?

*Note:  This book was provided to The Book Hookup by the Author but that did not in any way influence this review!

So. Many. Feels.

This story is the kind that seems simple on the surface – broken boy with big dreams meets a girl from his past who turns his life upside down.  But in reality, this is a complex study of family and responsibility, of love and support, of acceptance and selflessness, and of that moment when you realize life is hard but it’s definitely worth the fight.

Ms. Scott has once again given us a story with many layers, and characters with depth and strength.  Casey may appear on the outside to be a bit of a slacker, an overconfident guy who’s life choices have disappointed his family and left him dependent on his friends’ generosity.  However, as you scratch the surface, you begin to realize that he’s committed to making this dreams a reality and, although at times he can be selfish, he understands his flaws and wants to be a better man.  As a matter of fact, he’s probably more aware of how others see him than many characters I’ve read about before.  Of course, his charm and general level of swooniness (yes, it’s a word) make him downright irresistible!  Unlike Casey who seems to wear his faults on his sleeve, Murphy is a tougher nut to crack.  It isn’t until much later in the story that we see just how broken she is and the huge effort it’s taken for her to overcome the challenges that life has thrown at her.  Her strength, and her determination to  take charge of her life even thought she’s scared, leave the reader in awe of this character.  Together these two challenge each other, push each others’ buttons, and help each other grow.  This book is quite a journey!!

Now, I know I haven’t really told you much about the story and there are several reasons for that.  First, the synopsis should tell you enough to get you interested and, second, I don’t think I could do the story justice in just a few paragraphs.  There are so many emotions here…so much story to immerse yourself in, that you need to experience it for yourself.

However, there is definitely one thing I need you to know.  If I’ve learned one thing in my reading journey over the last while it’s that Ms. Scott is not afraid to tackle tough situations and, when difficult family issues, or disease, or handicaps appear in her novels, it’s done with care, with accuracy, and with a level of respect that you’d be hard pressed to find in other books.  The challenges faced in this story are very real.  This could be a story about your neighbor, your friend or even your sibling.  It is real world mixed in with romance…this is a book that makes you think and makes you feel.  And, seriously folks, can you ask for more than that?  I think not.  If you don’t know Ginger Scott, don’t wait another minute…this is one author you definitely want on your shelves…and these are characters you want in your life!!

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