Today we’re very excited to have
Erin Watt with us to answer a few questions
about The Paper Princess!

We read and LOVED this book so, of course,
we wanted to ask the authors of this book some
very important questions.

Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy (who write as Erin Watt)
were nice enough to join
us and provide some insight
into this great story

So…here goes…enjoy!!

BookHookup:  So…one sassy girl moves in with five broody guys.  Quite the setting for an angsty story ripe with the potential for “mature audience only” ratings!  Why did you decide to make it YA?

Erin Watt:  We chose to go with YA because the main characters are in high school, and despite the fact that there’s some sexual content, the love scenes are not explicit or overly heavy. We recommend this book to readers who are seventeen and older, and we think it appeals to both the upper YA crowd as well as older readers.

BH:  We adored Ella.  She was totally unapologetic about who she was.  Did you go into this story knowing you were going to write such a sassy, strong female character?

EW:  For sure! We knew we wanted Ella to be a teenage girl who enjoys all the activities girls her age are into, but we also knew we wanted her to be headstrong and capable of handling the roller coaster ride that most soap-operas bring to the table. Despite her hard life, we didn’t want her broken from her experiences as much as those experiences making her that much more resilient to whatever else life throws her way.

BH:  The boys…We’re desperately hoping each will get their own story!  Is this something you’ve planned or will consider?

EW:  LOL – We’ve been getting asked that quite a lot lately! All of the Royals have a lot of depth to them and the ability to be expanded on. Right now we’re just focusing on the trilogy, but we’re not ruling anything out.

BH:  The Royal family, all of them, are so deeply broken.  It’s rare that we see this in a book.  Did you ever consider adding one brother (just one) who was more well-adjusted?  Not that we want that…we love all their broken pieces…but we’re just curious.

EW:  It’s one of those things where we could have, but when you look at the story as a whole and the situations that arise because of how broken all the Royal men are, having a well-adjusted Royal would have seemed out of place.

BH:  WHY WHY WHY the cliffhanger? WHY?

EW:  We swear, we did not set out to make our readers #RoyallyRuined! As we were writing the story and seeing where it went, that just happened to be the place that made the most sense to stop at. The best we can offer is that there isn’t an excessively long gap between the release of Books 1 and 2, so you’ll have enough time to imagine for yourself where the story will take you next, but you won’t have to wait forever to find out if you’re right.

BH:  Bonus question from Ana:  Can I please have Easton?  If he gets his own book, can his love interest be called Ana?  I’m not above begging! Thanks!!!

EW:  LOL! We got a few plans up our sleeves for Easton that we can’t go into right now, but you never know what may happen

Ana:  Just in case you don’t understand “author”,  I’ll translate the above for you…

“Why, yes, Ana…Easton is all yours!!  We probably can’t make his girlfriend’s name Ana so the other readers don’t get jealous…but the three of us will know that, not matter what her name is, she’s really called Ana!” 

BH:  We know that’s not really what they said…but don’t tell Ana.
She’s in her happy place right now!  Thanks!!

We want to thank Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy for their time!!
We can’t wait to read the second book in this series!!

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