A witch’s curse. A world-ending prophecy. A daring rescue mission. Don’t miss the heart-pounding finale to Calla’s story!

On the run from the Guild of Guardians, Calla Larkenwood and her team of fellow outlaws plan a daring rescue operation into the Seelie Court itself. As if that isn’t enough to keep them busy, the power-hungry Princess Angelica has begun preparations for a horrifying prophesied spell that will forever change both the magic and non-magic realms.

When Calla is blindsided by an unspeakable tragedy before the rescue can be carried out, she struggles to remain focused on her mission. She believes she’s reached her lowest point—until a witch reveals the final blow: she has cursed Calla’s magic. With time running out, can Calla save the one she loves and stop the prophecy from being carried out before the curse claims her life?

*Note:  This book was provided to the Book Hookup by the Author but that did not in any way influence this review!!

Perfect ending to a great series!!  Calla’s story was fantastic!!

I’ve loved the Creepy Hollow series from the very beginning and when Vi and Ryn’s books were done and I discovered that the next part of the series would feature a new character I was a bit scared.  Well, I’m here to tell you that this “second” part of the series is just as well written, just as compelling and just as satisfying as the first.  As always, Ms. Morgan’s writing is second to none.  The imagery she creates makes the story come to life.  The characters are vivid and so real.  And the magic…ah, the magic makes me wish I could jump into the pages of the book to experience it first hand!

Book Rating Breakdown
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Degree my heart was ripped out

This final installment in Calla’s story was quick, full of adventure, and completely tore my heart out several times.  From page to page I wasn’t sure what feelings I would experience next.  The excitement of saving Chase, the heartbreak of…well, I can’t tell you but, trust me, it’s true heartbreak, and the anxiety of what the outcome would be kept me glued to the pages.  As always, the characters here are realistic and, even though this is the final book, Ms. Morgan manages to provide growth to her characters.  Calla is fierce and brave but she’s also got her fears.  She works hard to overcome them and doesn’t always succeed.  This makes her a true hero we can believe in…she’s not perfect but she is strong.  Chase lives a life full of regret, one he fears he cannot overcome.  Yet, he’s giving and kind and wants nothing more than to somehow live a better life.  These two together are magic!!

I loved that Vi and Ryn were back in this story and, as always, they brought the feels.  Elizabeth/Scarlett played a fantastic role in the adventure and the bad guys were even badder.  Overall, this was a fantastic ending to Calla’s part of this story.  And, the best part…there will be more coming from this world!  We’ll have the opportunity to meet new characters and go back to Creepy Hollow again!  Can’t wait!!  So, if you haven’t started this series, go do it now!  If your idea of fun is a roller coaster ride filled with adventure, magic, and romance…this is definitely the series for you!


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