This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Claimed comes the second enticingly erotic novel set in a world on the brink of chaos.

  Lennox used to live in a paradise on earth with his best friend Jamie, in a place where visitors came and went, allowing their desires to run free. But everything changes when a deadly attack forces them to take up with Connor Mackenzie’s band of Outlaws. Lennox knows Jamie is hung up on someone else, but he’s always believed he’s the man for her—and won’t let her go without a fight.

  Even though Jamie is well aware that Lennox is one hot specimen of a man, she refuses to let sex ruin the most important relationship in her life. But when the object of her interest spurns her, she indulges in a little pleasure-filled revenge with her very magnetic, very willing best friend. One thrilling night with Lennox is enough to awaken Jamie’s unexpected desires for him. And now that she’s had a taste, she’s not sure she can ever give him up…

Quick Thoughts and Rating: Actual rating of 4.5 stars! Addicted was an excellent sequel in the Outlaws series. Friends to more is one of my absolute favorite tropes, and Ms. Kennedy tackled it with a finesse and intensity that had me racing through the pages. It was sexy and heart-wrecking and had me one hundred percent hooked from the very beginning.

♥ Review: As I stated earlier, I’m a huge fan of friends-to-more, and the chemistry and fire between Lennox and Jamie was palpable. I loved the natural way their deeper feelings for one another slowly gained momentum until it washed over them completely like a tidal wave. Of course, when you’re adding sex to a twenty year plus friendship, until those feelings of love are sorted, there’s bound to be a little drama. To me, the angst was warranted and Kennedy never pushed it to be over-the-top; it was the perfect blend of emotional turmoil and strong sexual tension.

Unlike its predecessor, Addicted filled in more of the world and plot. I liked that we got to see more of the world the Outlaws had built for themselves because unlike the first book where Connor’s group stuck mostly to itself, we got to see how Reese’s community, Foxworth, was flourishing, even under the oppressive ruling thumb of the Enforcers. We saw the side deals and barters that the community made in order to maintain its freedom. However, an undercurrent of unrest lurked below the surface, and now we know a storm is coming, which makes me even more excited about future installments.

Even though this novel added more depth as far as this dystopian world goes, Kennedy certainly didn’t feel the need to dial the smut back. And deliciously dirty, holy pass-me-the-fire-extinguisher, Batman, levels of hotness, it certainly was! But if you’ve read any of this author’s other work, you know without a doubt that she excels at delivering stellar sex between couples. . .and threesomes in this series. Ahem.

I think what surprised me most about this book was the emotional ringer I was put through. If the angst between Lennox and Jamie wasn’t enough, connecting with new characters and the consequences that come with living in the world that they do, let’s just say my heart had its ass thoroughly kicked in this novel. I cried way more than I ever expected to, and I’m masochistic enough to admit that I love having my heart shredded, and it hurt so good.

♥ Teaser Quote: Again, I could easily insert all the dirty here, but I’ll let you savor those on your own time.

     “Home,” he said hoarsely.
     Jaime frowned. “What?”
     “I was wrong when I told you I told you it didn’t exist. It does.” His throat closed up. “But it’s not a house, or a camp, or a fucking town. It’s right here.” He reached out and placed his hand over her chest. He felt her steady heartbeat against his palm, the rise and fall of her breasts with every breath she took. “You’re my home, Jamie. It doesn’t matter where we go or what happens. As long as you’re with me, I’m home.”
-quote taken from the eARC of Addicted at 99%

Book Rating Breakdown
Dirty Talk Ability
Brooding level of the hero
Degree my heart was ripped out
Angst Me So Good
Smut Hotness

♥ Rec It? Another resounding hell yes! I may be addicted to this series (see what I did there?), and Addicted definitely added another level of intrigue to furthering it. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. (And please, can it be Reese and Rylan before I explode with anticipation!?)

♥ A very special thanks to Signet and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this title.

*Disclaimer: An eARC of this title was provided by the publisher via NetGalley invite in exchange for an honest review. However, that did not influence this review in any way. All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this version and not of the published edition.

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