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Malcolm Brady thought breaking his leg was the worst thing that could happen…until he saw who was waiting for him at the airport.

Almost six years ago, Malcolm walked away from the love of his life, because she was too young, and he was too scared. But no matter how much distance he put between them, Malcolm could never convince his heart that he had done the right thing. When an accident sidelines him from his professional skate career, it’s Nala waiting for him at the airport. It only takes one look for all of the feelings he’s kept locked away to break free, and suddenly, Malcolm has a new mission: to show Nala Jansen exactly how much he loves her.

Nala fell in love with Malcolm Brady before her young heart really understood what love was. Even when he left her to become a professional skater, she never stopped loving him, never stopped wanting him. And she told him one night—just like that. I love you. Instead of saying the words back, he walked away, and Nala started on a course that would forever change her life.

Now, almost six years after her bold confession and his rejection, they are thrust together, making memories from the past unavoidable, especially when new feelings bloom. Except, Nala won’t share everything from their time apart, and Malcolm won’t accept anything less.

When emotions are high, and truths come to light, the lovers have to decide if their future is strong enough to withstand their past.

*disclaimer* I beta read this book so it was not the final version. I know Kristen still has some tweaking to do, but even in it’s early form it is divine.

I loved it. LOVED. Mal and Nala have been favorites of mine since the beginning of this series. Both have been quietly tortured and so in love with each other so I could not wait to see them get their HEA. They are  my favorite type of characters. Bring on the baggage! I don’t always love a female heroine as much as the male, but in this case I absolutely loved and adored the two of them immensely.

Both Mal and Nala were dealt a tough hand in life and had gone through things no one ever should. Even with all their hurt I loved how neither had the victim mentality. I saw both of them as so strong, yet really pretty fragile underneath it all. And that is why I loved them. Strong, yet vulnerable. And the connection they have had all along…this is the stuff my reader self can’t get enough of. Pure gold. They seriously might be my favorites to date of all of Kristen Kehoe’s characters. (Oh god, don’t tell Brooks, I still love him.)

They had both gotten away from their lowest points of life, yet existed in this stagnant, decent place. It’s as if they went through the motions but neither of them were whole. It was Mal who decided things were going to change and I couldn’t wait to see him pursue Nala. I wanted them to both get the happiness they deserved.

This was a slow burn, and when these two were thrust back into each other lives they had to test the waters first. They did get there but it took time. Hey, good things come to those who wait! I loved how even though they crossed the line to more than friends it was still no easy task to be together. There was still so much to work through and it was real. I could see the points of view for both of them when things didn’t go smoothly between them. How Mal didn’t listen to Nala but wanted to protect her, how Nala needed to tell Mal how she felt…all of it was amazing and great and raw and I totally teared up when Mal begged for forgiveness. More than once. The author totally nailed it.

The romance was beautiful, it was so real and meaningful. The sexy times were so good, I could feel their physical attraction and sometimes I felt like I was there. Now, I’m a person who loves all the build up. I think I would have liked a little more about discovering (seeing) the other person for the first time in that sense. We got it a little, but I didn’t get to roll around in it. For example, I wanted to know EVERYTHING about Mal’s tatts. What the tattoos are and where and how many and omg photos. Yep, I’m a greedy reader and I love Mal and want to know every single minuscule detail about his gorgeous self.

As far as secondary characters go my favorite is Nala’s mom. I LOVED HER! I still loved Jordan & Brooks and thought they played great roles. Jacks is great but Isa was not the Isa from the book before (thank god!). She wasn’t rude or have a chip on her shoulder. If you guys didn’t know I wasn’t wild about her before, but here she didn’t annoy me. Yay!

The ending was simply lovely and the version I read didn’t have an epilogue. To say I am looking forward to it is an understatement. My heart is whole and warm and full…and yes, I want just a little more!! I can’t wait!

Rec this? YES! If you love characters that are meant to be together and have overcome some painful hurdles this book of healing and love is a must for your TBR.

Happy reading!

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