Dear A. – I am writing to express my gratitude for your gift. There are no sufficient words, but please accept my sincerest thank you.

She writes me back. I didn’t expect that.

She tells me she’s a lover of chicken pizza and video games, a hot sorority girl with the nickname Sloth. She wants to know something about me in return. She says I owe her.

This is how she saves my life. She doesn’t even know it. We’ve never even seen each other. But I need a reason. Just one reason to continue. She becomes mine.

The anonymity is good. She doesn’t need to know me, but I need her kindness. We both live our lives: a letter here, a post card there. For three years, I escape my demons. And then one day I’m pulled back in.

I’ve resigned myself to what I know is coming. Until the girl I’m spanking gives her safe word: Sloth.

And then the lie I’m living starts to unravel. —

Sloth is an erotic romance. It’s a dark mystery, so if you’re sad, read another book. This one is real, and hard. Not that kind of hard. (That kind of hard, too). Consider yourself warned.

P.S. The book ends on a beach. That’s all I’m saying. As for an HEA, you’ll have to read and see.

P.S.S. Sloth is long—about 500 pages. It was supposed to be short and quick. Instead it’s a behemoth that consumed its author for six months. As such, the price is going from $2.99 to $4.99 shortly after release.

My heart. Oh my god, my heart. I came across this book and what popped out in the reviews was that it was sad and slow and long. I kept seeing those words over and over… and my god, I love, love, love emotional stories. I knew I had to have it. I will try to talk about my review in feels so that I don’t give anything away. I’m a spoiler-phobe and proud of it!

I began to read, and just like *that* I was drawn in. Damn those letters. So many clues that piqued my curiosity. Looking back now, it all makes so much sense. God, I love when that happens. Ms. James’ writing in Sloth was a delicious slow and steady pace, one that had me savoring every detail. Kellan and Cleo had a crazy chemistry that went beyond physical and it drew me in and owned me.

The kinky stuff in the beginning – wow, what can I say – it kind of threw me off the backbone of the story. It was actually an ingenious way to do it and it’s what initially drew Cleo and Kellan together. I think the author wanted us to get wrapped up in that, so there I was – in the whirlwind of  hot sex shrouded in secrets and mysteries and brooding…and suddenly I realized that something else was going on – something that totally changed the direction of the story. I could not get enough. Could. Not.

Ah, the next part of the story. There were things I didn’t see coming and there were things I predicted. I won’t say more about the plot except that Kellan and Cleo’s relationship turned into so much more. The way their love evolved was so real, so raw and just so emotionally draining. But seriously, I loved it. I mean I loved it so much that my poor heart is exhausted from clenching so much. 

You want to know more about the romance though, don’t you? It’s there, every single aspect of it. The sexy times are definitely hot (actually I don’t know that it needed to be done that way for this story, honestly it could have been left out). However, it did show just how intense the connection was between Cleo and Kellan. I think that even if you’re not into all that “stuff”, but you love emotional and sad stories you would really enjoy this one immensely – just skip over those details if they are not your thing. However you read it the emotional connection is undeniable and strong. They were absolutely made for one another.

So, I have to talk about a teeny tiny gripe I have here. Too many times the coincidences in new adult novels are just a little too much. I know the characters say “it’s fate”, but to me it’s just ridiculous and makes it harder for me to swallow and believe that part of story. I wish instead of coincidences one of them had just had stalker tendencies and tracked down the other. I did go ahead for the sake of the story and it certainly didn’t make me love these characters or the story any less, I just wish it was done differently. 

So by the end my heart had been ripped out slowly, but I loved every second of it. Yes, this was a really, really sad story and parts were really hard to get through. I made it to the ending and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take, but I’m glad I did. I also think the author’s note at the very end was the icing on the cake for me and connected me even more. I was overcome with emotion. Ms. James, I adore your words and after that they mean even more. You are truly gifted.

Rec this? YES! If you love stories that make your heart hurt, rich and deeply developed characters along with some hot sexy times this is a must for your TBR. 

Happy (sad) reading!

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