So, if you’ve been following my reviews, you know I fell completely in love with Liza Wiemer’s book, Hello?  last year (Miss that, did you? Well my review can be found here), therefore making me a very big fan of her as well. So when Hannah from Irish Banana Tours contacted me about featuring Ms. Wiemer’s latest venture, a website entitled I HOPE YOU FORGIVE MEI was more than willing to help out from the jump. But then I read about what all the new site entailed, and I became even more excited to get the word out. If you’d like to learn more about this new webpage (because who wouldn’t want to, actually) or to enter the giveaway, keep reading below.

This week Liza is launching a new initiative, I HOPE YOU FORGIVE ME. IHYFM is a revolutionary website that asks teens and adults to anonymously share moments from their teen years they wish they could ask forgiveness for but have never had the courage to. Until now.

During your teen years…

Who hasn’t done something stupid? Thoughtless? Rude? Cruel? Mean? Who hasn’t made mistakes? Done things they regret? Who hasn’t been afraid to ask forgiveness, but instead chose silence?

Who hasn’t wished they had said, “I’m sorry,” but now it’s too late?

It’s not.

I HOPE YOU FORGIVE ME is the opportunity to share your burden. To admit what you’ve done. Anonymously. So that teens can learn from your experience.

Let’s make a difference. Together.

All stories shared are anonymous – no telling details save for details you provide are shared publicly. The goal is the bring people together and help today’s teens realize they are not alone by reading the experiences of others.

To find out even more information about this site, browse the links below.

 Webpage | Facebook| Twitter | Instagram| YouTube

Liza Wiemer Info:

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A very special thanks to Liza Wiemer and Hannah for allowing us to participate in such an exciting new initiative! 

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