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Six long years I've been running, hiding, rejecting friendships and intimacy of any kind. Because nothing will stop them from coming after me. Of that, I'm certain. And then I met him. Powerful, broken, and so alone. Life had put us on an unavoidable collision course, one that could destroy us both…

Worlds collide when an Albanian medical student finds herself working for a wealthy American financier.

Escaping a scandal that threatens to land her in prison, Vera Sava flees to Switzerland to pursue a career in medicine. Her plans derailed, she finds employment as a housekeeper, in the one place that will offer her a job without legal documents.

Sebastian Horn is an angry man. After having lost his young wife in a terrible car accident, he's decided that life isn't worth living anymore. Crippled physically and spiritually, he spends what's left of it numbing the pain with booze and pills.

This book was just ok for me. I’m not a fan of the billionaire genre and this is definitely one. Should I have known that? Maybe, but I thought this was going to be more about a broken man with an addiction. And it wasn’t. The addiction part was only mentioned in passing, really. I think though, that the storyline that I actually read was interesting, even though not what I expected. However in the end, it was not executed as well as it could have been even though the potential was there.

This book was the slow to catch my attention. The beginning was a little cliché and totally predictable – the housekeeper and the owner of the house falling for each other. The initial chemistry felt forced, but that could have been due to too much detail in the writing which led me to skim through the pages. However the overall idea of the story sounded good so I kept going.

I was a fan of both the main characters, Vera and Sebastian, most of the time. I liked that Vera was intelligent and not *just* a housekeeper that needed rescuing. There was a story behind her situation and mystery the whole way through. She did flip flop with her actions and that kind of drove me crazy. Sebastian had his own secrets, and I really wanted him to be a little more tortured. He was supposed to be “crippled physically and spiritually…but he just wasn’t at all. I think he was probably tortured before Vera came into his life, but I never got to see that and I’m a greedy reader like that. I definitely did not like his relationship with his mother…can we say CREEPY?? I wanted to know more.

The romance was sex all day and night but it didn’t come off the page for me.

The secondary characters have a lot of potential. I need to know more about Ben. Charlotte too. I have a feeling I know who the bad guy(s) is in this book even though it won’t be revealed until the next installment.

The ending. One of my least favorite storylines is where one character gives the other up in an act of selflessness. UGH.

Rec this? Hmmmm. It was ok and I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. The writing is very full of detail, so there’s a lot of telling and not enough showing. The storyline interested me but with so many details in between it became flat instead of rich. I’m probably not going to read the next one as I am confident in predicting how it will go, but maybe it will appeal to you. See what your other trusty reader friends think.

Good luck and happy reading!

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