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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

The blackouts started happening when Teal was eight. There are long periods of her youth she doesn't remember. She has woken up in strange places, feeling disoriented and unaware of how long she's been out.

After two years abroad attending a private school and sessions with a top-notch psychiatrist, she's been deemed cured. The blackouts have ceased, or so Teal thought, until she wakes up in a ditch back home in North Carolina. Dare, the man pulling her broken body from the wreckage, has a restraining order against him. He's no longer the clean-cut boy she went frog gigging with but road-hardened. His lean, muscular arms, riddled with tats, drag her out of the SUV. She should fear him, but instead, his touch sparks memories that tell her she once worshipped him with all her heart.

Brilliant! This book was right up my alley. I haven’t read a book in ages that had me glued to the pages. I love a good romantic suspense/thriller and Blackout fit the bill beautifully. The story kept me thinking I might know what happened…but then something would shift and throw me off, ah the the mystery was definitely there and really well done.

The romantic connection between Dare and Teal was undeniable. I loved the feeling of push and pull between them, yet they couldn’t do anything about it. They truly were stuck and not able to act on anything, even with all the feelings bubbling below the surface. My friends, this was a fantastic and intense slow burn.

I knew Dare was one of the good guys and while he was tough, he was a good soul. But there were a lot of other characters in this book; there were good guys, there were tough guys, and there were bad guys. I had a vibe who I thought was THE bad guy(s), but didn’t know how to piece it together. I could eliminate person by person as I read, but I couldn’t figure out what happened…yet it was right at my fingertips. This is why I loved this story and was utterly addicted, I love a good mystery and this one was fantastic. As close as I got to guessing everything I just couldn’t and it was done so well.

What left me scratching my head? I didn’t like how everybody wanted to sexually assault Teal. It happened so often when she was younger, and then it was happening again in the present now that she’s older. It didn’t strike me as realistic. Yes, I know there are creeps out there, but this felt like that almost every single man around every single corner was doing this to her. Also, if these guys (like the Collins twins) were for real I would be scared out of my mind. If that happened to me I would be so worried that they would be coming to my house at night, yet there was no sense of stalking that should have gone along with it…and that’s why this is unrealistic. However, I know this is a story so I kept going.

The ending was perfect. The right amount of me freaking out, followed by closure that was so satisfying in so many ways. I can’t say more, but there was a happy ending with lots of answers.

Rec this? If you love an edgy romantic suspense, then YES YES YES. I also do need to warn that this is not for the faint of heart, so if you feel like adult topics or sensitive issues would bother you, this is not for you. However, if all those things are ok, this is a great add for your TBR. Ms. Myers has a gift for weaving a complex and compelling tell, all while fitting in a sexy romance. I can’t wait to start book 2!

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