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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Three estranged brothers. One runaway girl.

Sweet and sexy Noah soars as Spartans’ basketball shooting star. Overly protective, bad boy Nathan has beaten the devil and believes he’s invincible. And angry and bitter Jake cannot move past losing his unit in Afghanistan. After suffering personal tragedies, the three brothers barely speak to one another.

Until River.River is damaged. River is dark.River is sensual and sexy.

When she runs away from her abusive foster home and notorious past, she crash-lands into Noah’s arms. She should feel safe with him, but she is attracted to guys more broken than she. And his brooding brothers Nathan and Jake wait patiently to catch her when she falls. Her relationship with each jeopardizes the precarious balance of their troubled family, and she will either mend their wounds or break their hearts.

Kiss the Boys is psychological romantic suspense, containing explicit sex and covering dark subject matter. This is the second book in the Lost Girls Collection. The first book is Blackout (steamy psychological thriller) by Chris Myers. Each of these books is a standalone.

I always love a gritty story with lots of sadness. I think it’s because I always find the healing so lovely. I read the synopsis and it sounded great…but I was worried this was a love triangle…or in this case a love square. While I won’t deny or admit anything (spoiler – phobia), I want you to know it all worked out as it needed to work out and I never had a coronary.

Nate, Noah and Jake are 3 brothers with 3 very different personalities and histories. Some of the histories are really dark and will break your heart. It explains why they are so troubled. But it’s not just the boys that carry baggage, it’s River as well. River, the runaway girl who has been so terribly burdened with so much, yet still has so much strength and resilience in her. (FYI, I struggled with the name River. I kept thinking she was one of the guys). She is the key to the boys’ missing pieces and it was a glorious puzzle and River was the missing last piece.

The hero and heroine had a connection immediately and I could not get enough of their raw attraction and draw to each other. It was on such a primal and carnal level. But then it went deeper than that; I felt the love that developed, which only intensified everything. The sexy times were not necessarily my cup of tea, but I think it was perfect for them and couldn’t have been done any differently.

So up until the last 25% this book was outstanding, but then it suddenly seemed a little hodge-podge and there were a good few things thrown in that could have been left out altogether. Those things made the story unrealistic for me. Without giving away the storylines it was Diego (who could have not been mentioned ever, he had no added value) or the direction it went with the parents. There was too much coincidence.

However, even with all the extra stuff at the end, I really like how it ended. The hero and heroine got their HEA, as did everyone else. It made my heart warm even if some of it was a little over simplified.

This never felt like a thriller to me. It was more of a story of wounded souls finding that connection to become whole. Accepting that life had thrown them ugly moments but it was still worth living.

Rec this? If you love healing stories this a great addition for your TBR. Ms. Myers definitely has a gift with her words created this magical romance that touched my heart. Be warned though, the back-stories almost every character has could probably trigger something. It was quite graphic and could be upsetting.

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