Hello, pretty readers, Christina here! As some of you may know, I read Velvet last year and instantly fell in love with West’s vampire lore and her enchanting storytelling ability. (You can find my review of it here.) Flash forward to this past month when I was approached about participating in the Cashmere Blog Tour and well… I’m sure you can just imagine the level of screeching, flailing, and various other methods of freakout that occurred, and so of course I gratefully accepted and now here we are with me kicking off the blog tour. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end for a giveaway opportunity and the blog tour schedule.

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The Book Hookup is very fortunate to get one of the cutest bookish couples in existence, Caitlin and Adrian, to do a sit-down with us and answer some questions. Obviously we won’t get into anything too spoilerish in relation to the Cashmere plot, but be forewarned that if you haven’t read Velvet, you’ll likely be spoiled about certain parts of it. So, shoo shoo and come back later if you’re one of the crazy few that hasn’t read the first book yet!

There’s a knock at the door, and being the good hostess that she is, Christina answers the door as quickly as possible. She immediately registers Adrian first (because hello hottie!) but desperately tries to keep from ogling him outright in front of Caitlin. (To be honest, though, it’s kind of a lost cause. You can’t really blame a girl, right?) To keep from being that girl, she leans over and whispers, “Dang girl, lucky you!” However, she instantly remembers he has vampire hearing and blushes down to her bones. Pulling back, she puts her big girl pants on and decides to swing this straight into serious mode.

Christina: First off, I want to welcome both of you to The Book Hookup. We’re so thankful to get opportunity to meet with you and to pick your brains a bit.

Adrian: Thank you for having us, we’re delighted to be here.

Caitlin: (whispering) Where is the cake? You told me there would be cake.

Christina: Um, cake, I . . . said there would be cake? I mean, of course I said there would be. It’s . . . on . . . the way. Why don’t you two come on in, take a seat, and make yourself at home. Can I get you two anything to drink?

Caitlin: Hazelnut latte. Or anything with hazelnut. Or anything with coffee.

Adrian: I had a…drink…before we left the house.

Christina: You did? Oh my goodness, yeah, that drink. Obviously you did. I swear I’m not being intentionally slow today, guys. *runs off to get the latte and order a cake*

Okay, now that we have that all situated, I hope you’re both ready to get a little personal with me. Please feel free to elaborate on each question as much as or a little as you want, but just know all these dedicated readers, myself included, are looking forward to getting as much as we can out of each of you.

First question: Pretend you’re not under the Council’s thumb and you can go anywhere and do anything you want on a date, what’s your ideal location and activity? And before either of you says it, get a little more creative than cuddling in a bed even though it’s ridiculously cute every time you do it in the book.

Caitlin: We are pretty cute, huh?

Christina: The cutest.

Adrian: And I do owe you a real date.

Caitlin: You heard the lady. Where you taking me?

Adrian: Hmm. Considering how crazy everything is, I wouldn’t mind doing something…normal.

Caitlin: I like normal. Normal is good.

Adrian: Burgers. A movie?

Caitlin: And a big-ass tub of popcorn.

Adrian: Last time we had popcorn you told me not to let you eat it again because you always have too much and feel sick. I believe you said—and I quote—”Popcorn is my crack cocaine.”

Caitlin: Sounds about right.

Christina: *laughs* I can’t with you two! So. Damn. Cute! Now, this is serious business: Harry Potter questions– just because we’re all book lovers here and dig our Queen Bee, Ms. Rowling. Which house would you likely be sorted in to and what do you think would be your Patronus?

Adrian: Ravenclaw.

Caitlin: Nope. You’re a Gryffindor.

Adrian: I’ve thought about this far longer than you have, Caitlin. I’m Ravenclaw.

Caitlin: Babe, I know you. You talk in your sleep about being on the Quidditch team. You’re loyal and smart and kind. You’re Gryffindor.

Adrian: Well…

Caitlin: Ah, how cute! Look, Christina, he’s blushing.

Adrian: I am not blushing. And if you get to pick my House, I get to pick your Patronus.

Christina: *cough* You’retotallyblushing.

Caitlin: Bring it on.

Adrian: Platypus.

Caitlin: Beg your pardon?

Adrian: Platypus. Adorable, but awkward. Kind of flops around a bit.

Caitlin: You couldn’t have picked something majestic? Why can’t I be a horse, or at least a llama or something?!

(At this point, Christina is bent over at the waist, clutching her sides, and  laughing her behind off while tears stream down her face.)

Christina: *pauses to catch her breath and swipe away any lingering tears* Whew, you guys are too much. Just. Too much. These next few questions are for Adrian specifically because we don’t get very much of his intimate thoughts in the books, but Caitlin feel free to weigh in on anything you like as well.

First things first, Adrian, what was your initial reaction to seeing/meeting Caitlin for the first time? Furthermore, were you worried about telling her you were a vampire after you got to know her a bit?

Adrian: I suppose my first reaction was panic. I had no idea who she was, I just knew she was in danger and I had to get her out of harm’s way. That was during the storm. When I met her at school, I… I have to admit, I was curious. Not romantically, of course, just in general. It is a small town, even for my family. And she was…vibrant. Angry and sad and wildly alive. I was not prepared for the effect she would have on me. Being around her, even in the beginning, made me realize how much like my family I’d already become. How closed off. She made me want more for myself, for Lucian. It was startling, to want something that badly. Not her—at least, not at first. But to be like her. To love and feel as much and as deeply as she did. I wanted that for myself.

As for telling her about being a vampire, I knew if I messed it up, I could compel her to forget and try again. Luckily, it didn’t come to that. Was a bit awkward, though, with her being slightly…undressed.

Christina: Wow, that was really . . . kind of moving, and I suppose we’ll hop right over your feelings about her state of undress. *side-eyes* This time, at least.

Next, I remember a particular article of clothing and I was just wondering if you’d like to enlighten us on your thoughts about said garment? If you’re having a memory lapse, we’ll refer to it as The Infamous Green Thing. *raises eyebrows at Adrian and then winks at Cait*

Adrian: Ah, yes. Well. Well…that garment does exist. And it…has…a certain…effect. It’s an effective garment. Very effective. Mmhmm.

Christina: By effect, do you mean certain body parts saying hello? *coughs to cover up a laugh* *slow blink*

Caitlin: I still have it, you know.

Adrian: Is anyone else warm? It’s very warm in here.

Christina: I’m actually very much room temperature, to be honest. *smiles evilly* Must be just you, sir.

Okay, now a couple of questions for Caitlin, and just as before, Adrian, feel free to comment if you want. First up, I love how vividly your designs are showcased in the books, so if you could create anything for Adrian, what would it be? What would it look like specifically?

Caitlin: I cannot get enough of him in a suit. I also can’t compete with Armani when it comes to menswear. I could design him a really fantastic onesie, though. With the little footie socks? Maybe one that looks like a llama.

Adrian: Or a platypus.

Caitlin: That would be some weird cosplay. I’m into it.

Christina: *shakes her head* Seriously, how does a book even happen around you two? I bet West has a terrible time trying to wrangle both of you to stay on the plot.

Next questions! Say you didn’t have to worry about creepy stalkers and could take your girlfriends, maybe even Kalare included, and go anywhere you wanted. Where would y’all be going and what kind of trouble would y’all get up to?

Caitlin: Oh Lord, the trouble we would get into if I ever introduced Trish and Kalare. I can’t tell if they’d get into a fistfight or if they’d ditch me to go be best friends. Probably both. Bare minimum, I’m pretty sure we’d somehow end up with back-alley tattoos and inappropriate nicknames.

Christina: I can totally see that happening. #GirlSquadGoals Now we’re going to do a speedish round. Quick, short questions and answers:

Favorite dessert?

Adrian: Café liégeois.

Caitlin: Nerd. French nerd.

Christina: I totally had to google that and. Oh. Em. Gee. I need that all around and in my mouth asap.

Favorite movie snack?

Caitlin: Popcorn.

Adrian: Watching Caitlin eat popcorn.

Ideal day of fun?

Adrian: Doing literally anything without being watched by the Council.

Caitlin: Same. Except add kissing.

Christina: *mumbles* I bet Stacee (from Adventures of a Book Junkie) totally appreciates this idea.

Karaoke night or actual concert?

Adrian: I would very much like to see Caitlin sing.

Caitlin: Believe me, you would not. But I would very much like to see Adrian on stage. Preferably in a boy band wearing tight pants.

Adrian: That can be arranged.

Christina: Dear Lord, someone make this happen!

What would you say each other’s best feature is (could be physical or personality trait)?

Caitlin: I am a big fan of Adrian’s collarbones. Especially when he wears v-necks. But also his big, fat brain. Boy’s a straight-up nerd and I absolutely love it. Also his eyes. Also everything. Literally everything. I think his kneecaps are attractive.

Adrian: Her face when she’s angry at her sewing machine. She looks at it like it’s intentionally trying to cause her problems. It’s wonderful.

Christina: Well, that was absolutely splendid and I thank both of you for showing up today. I know you both have lives and a world to get back to, so I won’t keep you too much longer, but before you go, can either of you dish about what Ms. West might have in store for us readers in book three? That ending for Cashmere was sort of brutal, so any–and I do mean aaaaany–hint would be appreciated.

Caitlin: I have to make things right. The thing I haven’t decided yet is how.

Just before these two get up to leave, the doorbell rings and it’s the rush-order cake. Christina passes it along to Caitlin as a parting gift and a giant thank you for being so freaking awesome during this interview. Bye, y’all!

Caitlin and Adrian: Bye!

So, what did you guys think about this interview? If you loved it, make sure to leave Ms. West some love either in the comment section below or run and thank her on Twitter here. Also, make sure you stop back by here tomorrow for my TOP SHELF review.

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