Emerson Clarke: Sarcastic. Independent. Possibly losing her mind. Because that’s the only explanation for why she occasionally sees things that aren’t there, right? But one night, an impossible power erupts from her, and Em realizes the truth is crazier than she ever thought: she isn’t losing her mind; she’s magical. Thrown into an entirely new world of faeries, enchantments—and the annoying guy from down the road who, it turns out, isn’t human either—Em barely has time to learn even the most basic of magic before another startling truth reveals itself: she has a Griffin Ability. A special kind of magic feared by most fae. Now she’s at the top of everyone’s most-wanted list—including the mysterious glass faerie carrying out random attacks on fae. In this magical and terrifying world that she’s entirely unprepared for, Em must try to figure out who she really is, whom to trust, and how to stay alive long enough to get back to her normal life.

Begin a thrilling new adventure as the bestselling Creepy Hollow series continues eighteen years after the events of A Faerie’s Curse!

*Note:  This book was provided to The Book Hookup by the author but that did not in any way influence this review!

I loved everything about this story…the adventure, the characters, the magic..all of it.  It captured my attention and imagination immediately.  With this book, I returned to Creepy Hollow for the seventh time and, even though I’m intimate with this place and its inhabitants,  this book felt fresh and new…yet, also like coming home.  I was once again treated to visiting with the characters I’ve come to love – Vi, Ryn, Calla and Chase – and I met new characters who captured my heart as well.  This new part of the series brings with it a new set of adventures, a new enemy, and a whole lot of emotion.

Emerson is a wonderful lead character for this new series.  She doesn’t realize she’s got magic and, when it comes to life quite unexpectedly, she’s left scared and confused.  But she’s a strong girl who’s been through a lot.  She’s fierce and determined to move her life forward…even if it is in a strange world, with people she doesn’t know, and a guy she hates.  That brings us to Dash.  He’s known that Em is a Faerie for a while and has been keeping an eye on her, just waiting for her abilities to manifest themselves.  Because of an event in the past, Emerson dislikes Dash and, as he begins to introduce her to this new world, she struggles to see him as anything other than her enemy.  But, in reality, he’s a loyal friend, a fighter, a hero.  Between you and me, I predict smooching in the future…at least I hope there will be smooching…I love smooching…Ms. Morgan, I need these two to smooch!

Emerson’s new found powers are only the beginning of this adventure.  The Glass Faerie, the new enemy that they must face, is a scary unknown.  Her powers, and her darkness, are strong.  I’m looking forward to figuring out what drives her and watching this story unfold as we learn more.  I can’t recommend this book or this series enough.  The writing is wonderful, the world-building is strong, and the characters stay with you long after you’ve read the last page.  The only issue I have with this book is that it’s over for me…and that I now have to wait for the next installment.  Can’t come soon enough!

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