We’ve all seen the social media posts with gorgeous reading nooks, mouth watering bookshelves, all just calling us to forget everything and read all day long. None of us here at The Book Hookup are lucky enough to have a library in our homes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t dream about making the spaces in our houses a little more appealing to read it.

Today Celeste & Ana talk about our reading space dreams for living rooms and outdoor spaces.

Celeste: My favorite place to read is my couch in my family room. I have more throw pillows than humanly necessary, and 6 really cozy super soft blankets. However, it’s the room my whole family is in, so while I love it, a girl sometimes craves a spot that’s all her own. I’d love to have my very own nook one day, and I definitely have an idea in mind how I’d like my corner to look. I love cool colors, maybe it’s because I live near Cape Cod and the beach, but maybe it’s the simplicity that speaks to me. Lately I’ve been on a gray and white kick.  For some reason tufted chairs and love seats call to me.

Like some of these I’ve seen on Pinterest:

The tufted love seat is where it begins though… that’s the focal point that I always seem to gravitate towards. But the chair/love seat cannont act alone; critical to my space is super soft blankets, lots of pillows, a small lamp, and of course a side table for my coffee…or wine!

Recently I was browsing through the Arhaus website. If you don’t know this store, it’s a good one. My my sister got me into it, as she really loves their furniture.  When I saw this love seat my brain started going down the path of designing my reading nook. IT’S GORGEOUS. I love, love, love the smoky gray and how it’s arms seem perfect for cuddling up with my kindle.

Preston Tufted Chair in Vernon Smoke

But a love seat alone like that looks so lonely….
it would have to have pillows and blankets.

These look amazingly soft. gimme gimme gimme

Luxe Ivory Faux Fur Throw and Pillow

And I cannot read without a beverage so of course I’d need an end table for my coffee, or wine depending on what time of day it is!

Naomi round end table in pewter

Even though I mostly read on my Kindle Paperwhite I still like to have it bright.

I also love pretty girly things and this table lamp totally spoke to me.


Anabella lamp

I’m sure I could keep going with a glorious fire place, soft shag rug and beautiful vases for all my fresh flowers…but you get the idea. My starter reading nook is starting to look really good! What’s your ideal space look like?

Ana:  With Summer coming, I dream about heading outdoors with good book and a fruity drink to enjoy the sunshine and warm breezes.  I want to be surrounded by comfort and lots of pretty colors.

Whenever I’m dreaming about anything, I head straight to the internet…google is my friend and can always help me bring my dreams to life.  So many choices, so many websites that made me smile.  And, of course, I’m ultimately led to Pinterest – the place where you find such beautiful things…and the place that makes you believe you can do anything!

So I put the limitations of my backyard aside and let my imagination run away with me…

Yes, I’d like a pretty chair under a tree. no matter the shape and size, I could be happy..no, wait, maybe a hammock that would swing back and forth gently with the breeze, or, hey, how about a gorgeous tent with all the comforts of home to protect me from the elements…sigh, I think I could handle that!

So I started to pull my own look together…and this is what I found…

The most gorgeous teak daybed!  I’d definitely sink into it with a smile on my face.
It’s bright, it’s fun and, boy, does it look comfortable!

As I built up this cozy space in my mind, I added some pillows
and a rug to make it feel comfy….and a fire pit for those cold evenings…


And, let’s not forget the fruity drink…I need a table to put that on…
and maybe a candle holder and some candles for those late evening reads..


Now…all I need to do is pick the perfect book….

What about you? What are the most important things for your dream reading space? Are you lucky enough to have one? We’d love to know!

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