Looming war threatens all Feyre holds dear in the third volume of the #1 New York Times bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin's maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit-and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well. As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords-and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

In this thrilling third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from Sarah J. Maas, the earth will be painted red as mighty armies grapple for power over the one thing that could destroy them all.

♥ Review: I’m sure if you’re an avid reader or if you’ve been following my reviews for any period of time, then you know about Sarah J. Maas and her books, particularly this series. (If not, no worries, I just highly recommend you rectify that and then come back later to thank me.) Okay, so this book, it published ten days ago and it was an act of sheer will that I didn’t pounce on it immediately. Or gobble down every single update or review on Goodreads from other readers. In fact, I basically  stayed away from all social media so I wouldn’t let other people’s reactions taint my opinion going in. This isn’t the last book in the series, but it is the end of sorts for a certain couple’s focus, so I will not go in-depth about plot at all in this review. In fact, this isn’t really even a review at all. It’s likely just a placeholder for a steady stream of my thoughts and an open letter to Ms. Maas since I only finished this book at 2 o’clock this very morning with tears streaming down my face and a contented smile on my lips (and my mind a little all over the place).

Every single reader is entitled to their opinions and as I said before, if you  know of this author or her books, you know they come with equal parts of adoration by some fans and massive amounts of scrutiny (some of it justified) from others. Well, this is my little mini review and if you know me, then you  know I’m one of those people who love her books. You can go back through my old reviews of her titles if you so choose, and there you will find I wax poetic about the brilliancy of her careful plotting, vibrant character-crafting, and descriptive writing and world-building, and for the sake of redundancy at this point, I won’t do it again. I’ll only state that every single bit of that still rings true for this book as well. No, for this book review, I just wanted to basically thank Ms. Maas for giving me these characters that felt every bit as family as my own in real life, because to me, these characters live and breathe off the page just as much as I do. They were characters that had their many flaws and vulnerabilities, but were also so cunning and funny, sassy and honest, and filled with personality. I want to thank her for a romance that felt genuine and warmed my heart and other areas *ahem*. I could live in their love forever. I want to show my gratitude for their bantering and partnership, for the love that shone so stunningly and unflinching between them. I want to thank her for giving me a plot that made me think and took me by surprise. To tell her how much I appreciate a story that kept me wholly enthralled, pacing the floors and holding my breath, until the very end. I enjoyed this book and this series so very much. I loved the plot arc from each individual installment and the series as a whole. I appreciated that each character had their own developmental arc, but they also experienced growth as a group, too. I loved the conclusion of the one story and the open-ending for so many others left to come. I can’t wait to read them.

♥ Teaser Quote: I could include so many quotes here. I imagine a lot of people got rather annoyed with my near-constant updating on Goodreads. #sorrynotsorry

    His throat bobbed. “I missed you. Every second, every breath. Not just this,” he said, shifting his hips for emphasis and dragging a groan from deep in my throat, “but . . . talking to you. Laughing with you. I missed having you in my bed, but missed having you as my friend even more.”

–quote taken from A Court of Wings and Ruin, pg. 142

Book Rating Breakdown
General Book Feels
Dirty Talk Ability
Degree my heart was ripped out
Cute, Fuzzies, Flutters
Angst Me So Good
Smut Hotness

♥ Rec It? Always! I don’t think there will ever come a day when I won’t recommend this author and her books. She may not be for everyone, but she sure as hell is for me. Gimme all the words and worlds, books and characters to fall in love with over and over again!

Full of giggles, flails, snark and Southern endearments. Avid Reader. Lover of swoony boys, kickass heroines, yummy kissing scenes, and pretty prose.

I like to draw hearts in the sky (eternal optimist) and wish on stars (forever dreamer). Documentaries, sweet tea, sleep, and brightly colored knee-socks are a few of my favorite things. ♥

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