A rock band. A reality show. A recipe for disaster.

Falling in love with your best friend is one thing. Falling in love with a rock star is entirely another. Put those two things together, add in airing your new relationship on reality TV, and you’ve got one volatile mix just waiting to explode.

Lily Montgomery’s life has veered in a direction she never expected. She’s struggling to find her balance after her romance with rock star Dane Archer propelled her into the latest headlines. Her dreams of a successful writing career are fading in the bright lights of unwanted fame. She needs to figure out how to help Dane and his band achieve their goals without losing sight of her own.

Easier said than done…

As The Void’s tour continues, Lily faces family drama, relationship trials, dangerously dedicated fans, and zealous paparazzi. Between that and figuring out how to spin the tabloid-worthy relationship developing between the band’s brooding bassist, Keith Connors, and her conservative roommate, Sydney Ward, Lily has more weight on her shoulders than she ever imagined.

But her choice has been made. For the sake of love and her own reputation, she will have to find her rhythm and rise to each challenge. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose everything…and the whole world will be watching.

*Note:  This book was provided to The Book Hookup by the author but that did not in any way influence this review!

Recently, on an author’s fan group page, someone posed the question “Have you ever loved a secondary character more than a main character?”.  The answer for me is, of course, yes…many times, yes!  And, it’s happened again here.  Oh Keith, the other fans of The Void may love Archer best, but you are my number one!  Much as I loved Archer and Lily’s story in the first book, to me, this one was even better.  Keith and Sydney’s story packs a punch and brings the feels.  There’s so much here to love and love it I did!

Keith is a bit of a mystery.  He’s a guy who keeps to himself, doesn’t often smile, and seems to keep many secrets.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a sexy as sin rock star…but almost reluctantly so.  His hesitation to let others into his life piqued my interest but his close relationship with his sister made my heart melt.  My Keith is definitely an enigma.  Sydney is a straight-laced school teacher who’s smart and sassier than she appears.  As Lily’s friend, she’s on tour with the band and gets to see Keith every day.  She’s developed a crush on him but never imagines that they could be a couple…especially since she’s figured out one of his secrets and realizes that he may not like that she knows.  Thanks to several events, Keith begins to see that there’s more to Sydney than what meets the eye.  And, slowly, he recognizes that he wants her.  Problem is…he doesn’t feel he’s good enough for her and is sure he’ll just end up hurting her.  With the craziness of the tour and the reality show, there is so much that can throw a wrench into their fledgling relationship and they certainly experience their share of ups and downs.  I loved hearing the story from both of their points of view and, even though there were times I was frustrated by Keith and his lack of communication, knowing what he was thinking made it so I that could never love him any less.  These two were perfect for each other and their chemistry sizzled.

I should also tell you that we still see lots of Archer and Lily and the rest of the band in this book.  We also still have the rivalry with the other band, the crazy “reality” show, and of course, those who are out to ruin everything that The Void is trying to achieve.  Between all the different characters and the various story lines, you can easily get confused…but, the beauty of it all is that there’s always something to hold your interest.  This series feels like the best TV drama and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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