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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Luca Rizzoli was nearly destroyed by a brutal betrayal that cost him his family. Now a ruthless crime boss in the city of sin, he lets nothing touch his frozen heart–until a smoldering encounter with a beautiful stranger ignites his passion. One night isn't enough for a man who takes what he wants, but his mysterious temptress has slipped away.

For two years police detective Gabrielle Fawkes has lived for revenge. But a night of indulgence with a sexy stranger changes everything. Powerful, charming, and deliciously dangerous Luca, has his own private reasons for offering to help her pursue the drug lord who killed her husband. There's a lot Luca isn't telling her and the more she finds out the less she wants to know.

When Gabrielle becomes the target of the drug lord she has vowed to hunt down, she must do the unimaginable: place her life in a mobster's hands. To save her, Luca must break his Mafia ties–or risk losing Gabrielle forever.

This book, omg THIS BOOK!! I loved Luca it. The intensity of…everything! It started with the attraction between Luca and Gabrielle which was dark, deadly, passionate and consuming. It made me feel alive the same way it did Gabrielle. I could feel the crackle in the air the second I met them. The first glance, Luca right off the bat admitted his attraction/interest/infatuation with Gabriel, and I like that she straight up went to go see him shortly after.

I am dying to talk more about Luca and Gabrielle, but first I have to mention the writing and story. Ms. Castille’s writing is effortless and well crafted. Even though this was written in my least favorite (3rd person) it was still that good. Yes, she created a world where I found myself living, but the way it was told with the pacing spot on, yet kept teasing me to turn the page. I was up until after midnight finishing!

Then there was the story itself, there was a conflict, as there is always one in any story, but man oh man this one was so good! I have to say I love this conflict. So often in books there’s a terribly simple hurdle that seems so fabricated, so coincidental and fake generated by an author that I get bored and don’t buy into it. In Luca, it was simple, yet the conundrum was so black and white with no solution…I did not know what Luca was going to do. Well, I knew he would plow through it, but I was curious to see how he would get out of it, and that’s the part that I loved reading about. It was excellent and honestly just perfect.

Now let’s talk about Luca. Le sigh. He was one sexy mother f*cker. Luca was all things masculine. Not only was he good looking, but he was so confident that it oozed out of him. But as perfect as he was, he definitely still had to work through some issues. And that’s the part that I really couldn’t get enough of. He also couldn’t understand why he was so attracted and had to have Gabrielle, but he recognized it and I just loved watching him figure it all out.

Gabrielle was an interesting character and I fell in love with her too. I think her past explained a lot and about her marriage to David. I liked that she didn’t sit at home feeling sorry for herself. She was still hurting so very much, but she made a plan and that showed me how strong she was. It was Luca who made her feel alive, and I couldn’t get enough. I was so happy for her to fall in love.

The romance was just like Luca: sexy, intense and straight up. He was definitely a dirty talker and IT WAS SPECTACULAR.

The ending was insane, I was dying!! I guessed the “twist” about half way through, but it was still divine. It was also intense. I was nervous, and not sure who was going to get knocked off…this is a mafia story after all! We all got a glorious HEA. I wouldn’t have minded if it was just a teensy tiny bit longer as I would have wanted to roll around in their happiness just a little bit more. However, it was so good.

Rec it? YES YES YES If you love very sexy mafia stories, this series is an absolute must for your TBR!

Happy reading!

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