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I'm just your typical working girl who never mixes business with pleasure. Although some may say my business is all about pleasure. For the past four years, I’ve allowed my profession to define me, distancing myself from family, friends and most of all love. Hating the reflection I see staring back at me in the mirror, I muddle through each day with my heart sealed off like a tomb, until two strangers enter my life.

One teaching me the true meaning of friendship.

The other teaching me the true meaning of love.

She’s everything I’m not. Humble, loving, and devoting her life to others.We’re an unlikely duo who are polar opposites, but at the same time so alike.Never in a million years could I be friends with someone like her…until I was.

Then there’s him.He’s my Thursday afternoon client.Just like all the others: handsome, rich and charming…yet so very different.Trying to overcome a painful past, he seeks out my services as a refuge, only to find that we’re opening our hearts to each other in ways that neither of us could've imagined.I could never fall in love with someone like him…until I did. And now I'm finding myself longing for it to be Thursday afternoon all week long.

Loved the title of this book when I saw it. However, the whole thing was so unbelievable to me and actually quite a light and fluffy story. I think it’s because Bree kept glossing over what she did for work. Realistically it would have translated into her life more, yet she treated it as just a crappy job. I then didn’t believe the whole Simon thing either. If they had met under different circumstances and he didn’t know her profession, then I could have bought the whole thing, but it just didn’t gel for me. SO for that reason there was zero chemistry between them, but a definitely great friendship.

I really liked Bree’s internal dialogue and her friendship with Hannah. That was probably was my favorite part!

The romance was a snooze fest. The sex scenes were very fade to black they only mentioned that they have sex. Then there’s the kissing -it was not very descriptive, just so very bland. I just could not feel the chemistry. At 70% I was really struggling to get through this still.

Bree had a falling out with her brother, but they reconciled. The reconciliation was the most bizarre thing ever. They had spoken for years and then the switch was flipped just like *that*. It just didn’t seem believable. And then she happily went on her merry way.

* a bit of a spoiler * I also could NOT get over the job that Bri was offered. It was so ridiculous and anyone with any kind of brain in their head would not give a prostitute the job of watching their kid. To top it off Simon was away on a business trip she got absolutely trashed drunk. I would be furious if someone was watching my child and the babysitter was drunk out of their mind. I’d be pressing charges! He just laughed like a moron.

One of my very least favorite plot lines is when one character leaves the other for the sake of the benefit of the other person. “It will just help the other person to let them go.” I cannot stand that storyline and that’s what happened here I did a massive eye roll.

Then there was a “sad part” and it just felt so contrived. I think that’s the problem with this book. It was all surface and all telling but I never got attached or felt any connection to the story.

And the final nail in the coffin -the epilogue was so confusing and I could not understand what was going on. It would have helped to have said 20 years later.

Rec this? Nope. It just didn’t have any depth to it. I never connected or believed any of it. Everything was always solved with the snap of a finger. However, if you want a light read this actually might work out just fine of you. Check your friends’ reviews. Good luck!

Happy reading!

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