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A globe-trotting bad boy chases the one that got away in this addictive novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Contract.

My name is Adam Kincaid, and I’m the best at what I do. After losing my parents, I decided to follow in their footsteps, and now I’m the most daring freelance photographer in the world.

Maybe some think I’m a loner, but I don’t care. All that matters is the shot: braving danger and devastation in search of a single image with the power to tell someone’s story. But as good as I am, accidents happen—and thank god for that, because it’s what leads me to her. . . .

Alexandra Robbins. My nurse. My savior.

With her fiery red hair and crystal-clear blue eyes, the camera loves her . . . and I have to have her. We soon find that we’re perfect together. We just fit, physically and emotionally. And yet something isn’t right. Something from her past is haunting her, and no matter what I do to help her break free, I lose her.

Today is the day I try to win her back. Not only do I need an explanation, I need her in my bed once again. I don’t just want a damn picture—I want her. Because what we have is a love that never fades away. . . .

Oh my heart is bursting, I LOVED Adam and Ally’s heartfelt story!

Both Allie and Adam were such a breath of fresh air – they were both so confident and open and honest. No games, no guessing, just laying it all out there. I was in love. It started as soon as they met and only got better. There was a spark from the get-go, and it was done right. If you are a romantic at heart, you will love, love, love this. It’s a story that is the journey of their relationship, and how it grew.

The backstory with Allie was really well done. Sometimes these stories can be so typical, but this one felt like it was so very real, which in turn made me so invested and I could not stop turning the pages. It’s magical when that happens.

So while I loved this, I have to be a little nit-picky here. The reason I cannot give this five stars is because of one incident towards the end of the book. I have to say I kind of cringed with the direction the story took. It was cliché and just not believable. After how realistic everything else had felt to me, I just didn’t like it. There must’ve been another way for the characters to “get to the other side”. This wrench thrown into their happy relationship just didn’t work for me … there had to have been another way!

However, after “that” the ending was still divine, and I will always love Allie and Adam together. Ms. Moreland has a way with words that are effortless and she certainly was able to touch my heart. That is a hard thing to do, so I know this one is a gem. I can’t wait to read some of her other books.

Rec this? Yes! If you are a romantic at heart this is an absolute must for your TBR.

Happy reading!

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