Merrick Thatcher went through a hell that no one could possibly imagine. He fought to protect his country, his family, and the men standing at his side, but it wasn't just being a soldier overseas that changed him. He watched his friends die in front of him, felt indescribable pain, and lost his sight in the very same moment.

Badly injured, blind, and angry, he's done with war, but now he’s fighting his own battle. So, he’s waiting for it to end, spending his days and nights in a thick darkness no light can penetrate. Until Grace walks into his life and his broken eyes open to a woman that changes everything for him.

A story about two flawed souls finding love amidst the grief. A love that shines vividly, even in the dark, and discovering that sometimes being broken is how the light gets in.

For readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual situations.

I absolutely love stories where the hero is ex-military man. A man that has been wounded in all the ways you can think, a man who is damaged, but then meets that one special person, and slowly, very slowly he begins to heal. I will never tire of this; I think my heart loves the journey of mending. I love to see these heroes and heroines come out of their tragedies even stronger, and especially if they fall in love along the way.

This story isn’t just about Merrick’s baggage though, Grace too, she had her share of unbelievable heartache and wounds. The two of them both returned home to their parents because they couldn’t move forward without their families. Neither of them were looking for love, or even friendship, but in the end they got the best of both as they healed each other.

Merrick was the very definition of a brooding angry hero. I looooooved him. My heart broke for him. He suffered so much physically, but was also carrying around so much guilt. Grace, she too suffered unimaginable loss, and was trying to move forward. Grace was able to give Merrick what he needed, which was a kick in the pants to snap out of his depression! Without knowing it she inspired him to find the desire to move forward. It all started when Grace sang, and it was glorious to read and watch both of them become whole.

The romance was a very slow build, but that’s my favorite kind. Merrick couldn’t see, but it made every single touch so much more meaningful. I wish there had been more touches early on, but once they admitted how they felt, the flood gates opened and I got ALL THE FEELS.

The ending…it was fine but that “conflict” was silly and to me, it didn’t go with the rest of the story. Grace threw a hissy fit, and that was so unlike her. When she ran away it just irritated me. And while it was weeks of her being ridiculous, it was solved with the snap of a finger. I wasn’t a fan of that part. I’m not sure what would have made it better, but it was like the author needed a way to really push the story ahead and grabbed onto a manufactured drama to close the deal. It was fine, but didn’t go with the rest of the story.

I did love the epilogue although I do wish I got to witness more of the HEA, rather than just hearing about it 2 years later. I love rolling around in happy endings and while this was quite good, the greedy reader in my wanted more more more!

Rec it? YES! If you love military romances like I do, heroes with massive baggage, it’s an absolute must for your TBR.

Happy reading!

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