Shadow Faerie (Creepy Hollow Book 8) by Rachel Morgan
Publisher: self-published
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
Format: e-ARC
Source: the author

Emerson Clarke thought magic might solve all her problems. Turns out, magic only made her life more complicated. Her sick mother is in a worse position than before, and Em just made a risky deal with an Unseelie prince: he will heal her mother if Em agrees to the ultimate alliance—marriage.

With the possibility of finally getting the one thing she’s always wanted, Em enters the dangerous world of the Unseelie Court. She’ll learn whatever she has to about magic and etiquette in order to fake her way through palace life until Prince Roarke fulfills his side of the bargain.

But when someone unexpected shows up, bringing to light the secrets Roarke and his family are keeping from her, Em’s plans begin to unravel. She’ll soon have to decide once and for all: how far is she willing to go to save her mother?

This is the 8th book in the Creepy Hollow series, yet Ms. Morgan still makes this world and it’s characters feel fresh.  She can still surprise me and she manages to keep me glued to every page.  This is no small feat…keeping readers enchanted for this long takes great writing, creative plots, and characters who capture your heart.  Rachel Morgan manages all of this and then some.  I, for one, am already mourning this series…there’s only one book left and I’m not sure I want to leave Creepy Hollow just yet!  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s focus on this book.

Emerson Clarke is a fierce character.  She willingly puts herself in danger, trading her safety and happiness to save her mother.  She’s a smart girl who finds herself in an unknown world, yet she stands up for herself and fights the good fight.  The Unseelie Court and Royal Family can be ruthless and sneaky…and yet Em agrees to marry the Unseelie Prince in order to get the information she needs help her mother.  As she learns how to use her special power, her Griffin Ability, she very clear on the fact that she has so much to learn and she battles some very real feelings – protecting herself and her mother or those around her.  Of course, I must tell you how much I love Dash.  He’s brave, smart, strong, fun, funny, and sweet.  I can’t wait to see what happens between these two!!

It was great to see all my old favorites, Vi and Ryn, Calla and Chase, and I loved how they all still play a part in this story.  I can’t wait to see how this series ends…can’t wait to be back in Creepy Hollow…can’t wait for more of Rachel Morgan’s words.  If you love fantasy and magic and you haven’t started this series, do it quickly!  Trust me, I think you’ll love this world and these characters as much as I do.  Perhaps there’s a way to get Ms. Morgan to consider a tenth book…hmmm…worth a try!

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