Passion, Vows & Babies: The Perfect Couple (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Ginger Scott
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Novella/Short Story/Anthology, Romance
Format: e-ARC
Source: the author

The perfect couple.

Nicole Laramie and Chase Pennington would forever be called that in their home town of Rider Springs. Chase’s grandmother, Evelyn, thought her neighbors’ only daughter and her grandson were made for each other ever since the two of them were kids.

When Chase climbed a tree, Nicole climbed it higher. When Nicole fell from her ten-speed and skinned her knee, Chase carried her home.

And when Chase took the field for Little League, Nicole cheered the loudest.


Until they were strangers.

While Chase climbed the social ladder in high school, Nicole climbed the academic one. Two best friends became enemies. And when the senior class voted them MOST PERFECT COUPLE in the yearbook, it was meant as a joke.

Only Evelyn, she never thought it was funny. She thought it was fate. And she was willing to wait 10 years just to prove she was right.

*Note:  This novella was provided to The Book Hookup by the author but that did not in any way influence this review!

If Ginger Scott writes it, I will read it.  No joke…I love her words.  Which explains why I’m reading a novella.  For me, novellas are rarely satisfying.  I’ve always found them too short to be able to have any depth or to have me connect with the characters.  But…consider me pleasantly surprised.  Even though this is a very short novella, Ms. Scott has once again managed to capture my attention with this friends-to-more story and made me love it’s characters.  And, of course…she made me want more!!

This sweet story has us following Chase and Nicole as they rediscover their friendship and, more importantly, their attraction to one another.  Best friends when they were kids, they’ve grown apart and led separate lives.  Now, thrown together again by the death of his grandmother, they’re caught up in memories and find themselves wondering why they didn’t stay in touch.

Because it’s a novella, things tend to move quickly but I loved Chase and Nicole.  I enjoyed their banter and I thought their romance was very sweet.  I also thought the ending was fantastic.  Why, you might ask?!?  Well, I, for one, am hoping that it leaves the door open for us to get to know these two even better with a longer story.  *fingers crossed*  Overall, this is a romantic, sweet, quick read and another great story by Ginger Scott.

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