Rise by Katie Klein
Publisher: self-published
Genres: Contemporary, Friends to More, Romance, Young Adult
Format: e-ARC
Source: the author

Fallon Oakley, the best violinist her inner-city high school has ever seen, has a shot at earning a coveted spot in a local university's symphony and music program—a full scholarship.

Nick Trevino wants to shed his slacker skin in order to prove himself worthy of Fallon, but first he has to convince her that he can be trusted, even in her darkest hour.

It starts with a kiss—one kiss with a ripple effect so powerful it will change the trajectory of Nick and Fallon's lives forever, but not before bringing both of their worlds crashing down around them.

*Note:  This book was provided to The Book Hookup by the author but that did not in any way influence this review!

My heart was torn to shreds, battered and bruised, and put back together thanks to this…the most beautifully tragic and hopeful story I’ve read in a very long time.  I’ve been waiting for this book.  Waiting and waiting.  For five long years.  Ever since I closed the cover on this author’s previous story, I’ve been anxiously anticipating what would come next.  And this book, with it’s raw energy and it’s beautiful characters and it heart-wrenching  love story, has made me forget the waiting…it’s made me glad for for the fact that Ms. Klein is back.  And her storytelling is better than ever!  If I could give this book more than 5 stars I absolutely would!

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General Book Feels
Degree my heart was ripped out
Angst Me So Good

In truth, Fallon and Nick’s story, their struggles, their circumstances, their very lives are foreign to me.  I’ve never lived in a situation where money was scarce and family could be dangerous.  And, for that, I’m very thankful.  But, because of that you might think that it would be hard to relate to them, to understand…to empathize on a deeper level.  Yet, the writing here is solid and impactful, the words deceptively simple but obviously meticulously chosen, ensuring that a picture is painted – one so clear that it’s impossible not to fall into it.  One so alluring that I was unable to step away, to think about anything else but this world.  The author challenged me to care about these two and I willingly did so…I fell completely in love with them.

I know I haven’t told you anything about this story and I have my reasons for that.  First, there’s a synopsis you can read that will give you the highlights.  Secondly, I went in blind and am so glad I did, so I hope you will too.  But, most importantly, I want you to experience the heavy heart that comes along with sadness, the light flutters that accompany sweet romance, and the glow that radiates from hope and joy.  And I want you to do that along with Fallon and Nick.  I want the tears that sting your eyes to be as unexpected as mine were, the smiles that curve your lips to be genuine, and the sighs that you release to be completely heart-felt.  I hope you enjoy every single word as much as I did!

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