Manic Monday (Charity Case Book 1) by Piper Rayne
Publication Date: September 24, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: kindle book
Source: purchased

Fate has sent me a charming, sexy, hot-as-hell lawyer who knows how to negotiate his way into my panties. Great, right? Too bad he was the best man at my wedding.

I didn't swear off all men after my divorce, but I sure as hell swore off anyone remotely like my ex. On the top of that list? Attorneys. Everyone knows they can't be trusted.

Been there.Done that.Burned the T-shirt.

Now that I've moved back into my childhood home in Chicago, my focus is my daughter, my mom and me. I haven't given up on finding my happily-ever-after; it's just on hold-indefinitely. Yup, life is in a real upswing.

Then I see Reed Warner again, and I'm reminded of all my past mistakes. I push him away, but somehow, he weasels his way into every part of my life, not willing to take no for an answer.

In spite of my better judgment I can't stop thinking about the way his designer suits fit his muscular frame, or the way his blue eyes seem to eat me up with every glance. Reed is like the equivalent of a chocolate éclair and my willpower is fading fast. I never was good at depriving myself of life's guilty pleasures.

You know what you can count on from a Piper Rayne book?  A sweet, sexy story with great characters.  And, guess what…this book is no different.  Plus, we’re treated to some laugh-out-loud moments and just a bit of angst – enough to keep you turning the pages.  Victoria and Reed had met many years before this story when he was the best man at her wedding.  Fast forward a few years and her marriage has imploded and she’s living with her mother and her daughter.  She’s alone, but she’s fine…and she certainly doesn’t want another lawyer in her life.

Enter Reed, ex-best man and new love interest.  He’s charming and sweet.  He’s what she needs, even if she doesn’t see it right away.  Victoria spends a lot of time pushing this wonderful man away and I can definitely see why.  After all, she’s had a bad experience and isn’t looking for a rebound.  But, thankfully, Reed is not one to take no for an answer.  As these two have undeniable chemistry and, even though there are obstacles in their way, they’re definitely meant to be.  I liked seeing his certainty juxtaposed against her confusion and angst.  And, I enjoyed that the drama and angst made sense in this story, it didn’t feel contrived.

This was a fun read that kept me entertained and turning the pages.  As always, this Piper Rayne book had just enough drama to keep me hooked but was sweet and funny enough to help it feel like a getaway from the worries of everyday life.  Can’t ask for more than that!

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