Release Date: February 25 How do you define yourself when others have already decided who you are?  Six years ago, when Camden Daniels came back from war without his younger brother, no one in the small town of Alba, Colorado, would forgive him—especially his father. He left, swearing never to return. But a desperate message from his father brings it all back. The betrayal. The pain. And the need to go home again. But home is where the one person he still loves is waiting. Willow. The one woman he can never have. Because there are secrets buried in Alba that are best left in the dark. If only he could tell his heart to stay locked away when she whispers she’s always loved him, and always will… Great and Precious Things is a heart-wrenching story about family, betrayal, and ultimately how far we’re willing to go on behalf of those who need us most.

5Stars!! Another story from Ms. Yarros that touched my heart in the most wonderful way.  This book, about romantic love, family love, and love beyond this this world, brought all the feels and was impossible to put down.  Camden and Willow’s story had me smiling, teary-eyed, anxious, and sighing as the ups and downs of this romance took me (and them) down a pothole-filled road.  However, I never once doubted that we could make it and that the end would be worth the trip.

One of the things that I love about a Rebecca Yarros book is that I always know exactly where her heart was when she wrote the words I’m reading.  The emotion of dealing with Alzheimer’s, the feelings of being the black sheep of the family, the burden of blaming yourself for something that too big to handle…each and every one of these elements of the story are tackled with care and love.  Each character is given the opportunity to shine and, whether they’re heroes or villains, young or old, strong or weak, the depth of their story matters and the author takes the time to give each of them their time in the limelight.  I loved Cam, the hero who deosn’t realize his own strength.  What he’s willing to do for his family, no matter what it may cost him, is heartwarming.  His love and devotion for Willow touched my soul.  He was troubled, sad, and held a great deal on his shoulders…but he had a heart of gold and a true warrior’s spirit.  Willow was smart and fierce, willing to take on whatever she had to in order to move their story forward.  I particularly loved how she was a great communicator.  Where most stories have a communication breakdown, thanks to Willow, this story was refreshing because she tackled these issues head on.

Ms. Yarros is a go-to author for me.  With each story she cements herself as one of my all-time favorite authors.  Her stories are heart-felt, smart, and realistic.  Her characters grab my attention and always hold on well after I’ve finished their stories.  Great and Precious Things was proof, yet again, that this author can take a story full of complex feelings and difficult situations and turn them into a book I want to read over and over again!

I’m a hopeless romantic and adore all things chocolate, coffee and paleo. No, seriously, I need to have a caffeine IV put in. I’ve adored reading all my life, and writing naturally evolved from my love of late nights and promises of one more page.

I’m also a military wife of sixteen years. During my husband’s deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I was devouring a book a day, and during his third deployment, I finally wrote my own. With a somewhat ironic timing, I received my book deal for Full Measures during his fourth deployment, and published a month after he returned home. We’re currently preparing for his fifth deployment, so check out the blog for the latest! On the homefront, we have six kids. Yes, you read that right—six. If I’m not writing or playing guitar, I’m usually tying hockey skates for our four boys, or sneaking in John Hughes marathons with my two daughters. We fostered and adopted our youngest daughter from the foster system and we’re passionate about helping others do the same through our non-profit, One October! We’re always busy navigating the winding road of our daughter’s recent autism diagnosis, getting our boys to hockey, prepping for a deployment, and generally trying to stay sane. We’re die-hard Mets fans, but our hearts call Colorado home. If you’ve read all of that, haven’t fallen asleep, and still want to know more about me, check out my blog:! Connect with Rebecca Yarros Please follow/like us & share:


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