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Varsity Heartbreaker by Ginger Scott!

And it’s awesome…can’t wait to read this one!!


Don’t forget to preorder yours and add it to your TBR!

Varsity Heartbreaker:


About the Book: Book 1 in The Varsity Series by Ginger Scott Lucas Fuller is a lot of things. He’s the first crush I ever had. He’s also the only person who has ever broken my heart. For two years, I’ve wondered what happened to the us I used to know. We were best friends, and then suddenly…we weren’t. I tried to run away from it. I even changed schools just to make the hurt disappear. But no matter how hard I tried to not think about Lucas, I just couldn’t stay away from the high school quarterback with perfect blue eyes and so many secrets. I’m back. We’re seniors now. We’ve grown—all of us. And Lucas Fuller might be different, but I’m different too. This is my time to take risks, to experience life and to fall in love for real. I want Lucas Fuller to be a part of my story, but I know for that to happen, I need to know the truth about our past. Please follow/like us & share:


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