Dax (Arizona Vengeance, #4) by Sawyer Bennett
Publisher: Loveswept
Publication Date: July 9, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Friends to More, Romance, Sports
Pages: 342
Format: audio
Source: purchased

My name is Dax Monahan and hockey is my passion. And if you want to succeed in this sport you have to bust your ass 24/7. I’ve never had a hard time focusing on my career, but when my past comes knocking, no amount of training can prepare me for what lies on the other side of the door.  

Regan Miles was always like a sister to me. When a shared tragedy brings us face to face after several years, I’m shocked to see just how much she’s changed. Gone is the shy, awkward little girl that always used to chase me and her brother around. Instead, I’m faced with a gorgeous woman who makes it damn hard to concentrate on anything but her.

Turns out, she’s in trouble, and the only way out is to get married.

I surprise myself when I tell her to marry me. Order her, actually. And most shocking of all, she doesn’t even hesitate before saying yes.   So it’s settled. We’re getting hitched and she’s moving to Arizona with me.  All platonic, of course.   The catch?
I never knew I’d fall so hard for my best friend’s little sister.

I’m back in the world of the Arizona Vengeance and loving every minute of it.  This series is really fun and so far I’ve enjoyed all the characters and their stories.  I like watching the team interactions as much as I appreciate the love stories that are the main focus of each book.  This world that the author has created allows us to explore both romantic love and friendship and I think it’s great to have both in one story.

This installment is about Dax and Regan.  She is the “baby” sister of his best friend who recently passed away.  And, sadly, she has some issues that she can’t solve on her own now that her brother is gone.  Enter the hockey player who can be the hero in her story, and who has begun to realize that she not a baby anymore, and you’ve got yourself a friends-to-more story with lots of twists and turns and some undeniably hot chemistry.  Dax is so sure of himself on the ice but I really enjoyed seeing his vulnerable side when it came to Regan.  His attraction to her, and their history, makes it difficult for him to know how to move forward and I liked listening to his internal banter as he tried to do the right thing by her.  These two are strong, independent people who don’t necessarily want to rely on each other but who realize quite quickly that maybe supporting and loving each other is not such a bad thing.

As always, we are treated to learning more about what’s going on with the team and to watching the players interact with each other.  This always brings a fun element to the stories and makes them feel more real.  I’m glad that there are several more books in this series for me to enjoy because I really can’t get enough of these delicious hockey players and the their romantic escapades!

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