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Welcome to The Book Hookup!

We’re three avid and passionate readers spread out all over North America who share an obsession for reading. We’re “those people” who bring our kindles everywhere. We stay up late reading for…just a few more minutes, and pay for it the next day. We not only love to read books, we love to talk about them as well…which is how The Book Hookup was born.

We’ll discuss our favorite books, authors, and swoony book boyfriends. We’ll give you recommendations and tell you the good, the bad, the in-between and what to read next . We want you to talk to us, too! Tell us what you love, what you can’t wait to read, and, yes, even what you flounced on. We are always in search of that next epic swoon.

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Eat, Breathe, Read!


The Reviewers:


Hi 🙂 I live on the South Shore of Massachusetts. My biggest love is my family ~ I’m a wife and mom to 2 girls…and 2 dogs.  In my down time I love, love, love to read and my kids always say that the kindle was the best gift I have ever gotten.

Right now I am devouring New Adult books. And when I say devouring, I mean devouring. I seriously can’t get enough of this genre. I enjoy suspense/mysteries as well. One common theme with all my books is that I love the sad or dark and gritty. Then weave in romance, especially one with lots of angst and you’ve got me hooked. Nothing like a fabulous swoon well worth waiting for.
I’m pretty specific with books I like, but if you like what I like to read we’ll be besties. While I used to read a lot of paranormal stories, I’m just not into them at the moment. I also love hearing what everyone else is reading. The best books are usually recs from my friends. You can usually find me over on twitter so stop by and say hello, I love to chat. Happy reading!


I can’t believe they’re making me put down my kindle to write this!
Reading makes me happy and I’m proud to say that I am on a mission to get all my friends and family to love books as much as I do.  Reading has been part of my life for as long as I can remember…a book is a great companion for a shy kid with a vivid imagination!  I love all types of books, both fiction and non-fiction, but I do have a special place in my heart for any book that can take me away from real life and throw me head-first into an angsty romance or a fairytale setting (I blame the girly-girl in me)!  I like my books descriptive and I prefer a slow burn…don’t give me everything up front, make me work for it.  My favorite leading men are just a little bit cocky and my leading ladies, sassy!  Be forewarned that I do have a tendency to fall in love with characters if they’re vivid enough and may even sometimes talk about them as if they’re real!  To me, having a “to-read” list that’s way to long to get through is a really good thing!  And, finally, I’m still looking for a way to make a living by read all day long…let me know if you can help!! 😉


Hiya, Christina here! I’m a Southern girl through and through, born and raised in northern Mississippi. I love my sweet tea, flip flops, grilling, football, bows and makeup, and, as one one suspect of a book blogger and probably most importantly, books. My friends would tell you that I’m enthusiastic about life, find humor in everything, and can air-guitar like nobody’s business. I’d tell you they left out my penchant for random dance parties, documentaries, and snark. When I’m not commanding the troops- my two boys and husband- I can be found curled up on my porch swing with my nose buried in a novel. It’s the only refuge I have away from gaming and constant boy noises, a sanctuary where I’m allowed to be 100% girl; squee’ing, flailing, and swooning like the spazz that I am. From a very early age, I fell in love with words and their ability to create worlds and evoke such a wide range of emotions. There’s nothing more amazing to me than getting completely immersed in a new universe, meeting new characters, and falling in love over and over again.

After four years of blogging, I’d say I’ve found a cozy niche in the Bookiverse. I love YA that’s geared more toward adult than young. I’m obnoxiously mildly obsessed with fantasy (because where else will you find total badass teenage girls?) and strangely adore contemporary romances that make me sob loudly into my pillow (because how fun is that!? #AngstH00r). Oh, and let’s not forget about bad boys with hidden soft spots and those giddy, flail-inducing feels of all the firsts–first handhold, first kiss, first love, first MORE–AND the ahem sexier sexytimes that can be found all up in the New Adult genre! SEE?! This is why my TBR list is monstrous; I love everything! With all this book love, I’m still so happy to be a part of The Book Hookup because it gives me a creative space to share my flails when my fellow bloggers are too busy to answer my WhatsApp messages and my family tunes me out because they “don’t want to hear about another book or its people.” I know, I know. I’m ashamed that I know them, too.

(Also, I’d apologize for this being hellaciously long, but if you read my reviews, then you already know I’m a wordy girl. #SorryNotSorry)




Reading is like oxygen to me, it feeds my mind, my soul, my spirit.  I’m one of ‘those people’, you know, the ones who won’t leave the house without their kindle. I’m the person you see reading in the bank line, at the doctor’s office and in the movie theatre #truth  I read 1-2 books per week and my favourite genres include historical fiction, paranormal romance, young adult and cougheroticacough.
I have a soft spot for vampires, highlanders, angels and BAD BOYS!  One of my fave things in the world, is finding a hidden fic gem and reccing it to my twitter friends the world. I can be a little tough when I review, it takes a lot to get a 5/5 out of me but when I do give out that rating, trust me you’ll want to read that book.  Expect a fair bit of tongue in cheek humour from me and lots of silly fun.  I’m really looking forward to reading, writing, quoting and reccing here at The Book Hookup and I can’t wait to hear what you guys are reading. <3


I’ve been deemed by friends to be a bit of a book nerd. Well… Ok. I mustn’t tell a lie… Maybe more like a colossal book nerd. Put it this way – If reviewing books miraculously paid off my student loans, I’d ditch my day job in the land of pharmacy and bury myself in piles of books instead.
My love of reading started pretty young and has progressively intensified over the years. I love all books but I’d have to say that I tend to favor the paranormal romances (both young adult and adult), historical romance, and medical related non-fiction genres. I do have my favorite topics and genres but I can honestly say if someone hands me a book, any book, chances are relatively high that I’ll read it. I commonly rush out of the house without the important things, like my purse, but I ALWAYS remember to grab my Kindle. I feel lost without it. Another random fact about me: I clean and rearrange my bookshelves for fun. It brings me joy. Don’t tease. I can easily spend hours on goodreads too. H.O.U.R.S! I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of The Book Hookup and look forward to sharing my passion of reading with all of you!