Review Policy

NOTE:  Due to the overwhelming number of amazing authors who have requested that The Book Hookup review their books, we are currently accepting a limited amount of books for review.  That just means we get many requests but are very, very selective at this point.

Formats: The Book Hookup accepts e-books, galleys, ARC copies, and hard copies in either paperback or hardcover for review.

When submitting your title please include
the first 2 points below and at least one of the links:

  • genre
  • synopsis
  • link to your website, Goodreads, Amazon or Barnes and Noble

 **tip** the more information you give us, the more seriously we will take your book into consideration

We consider ourselves book bloggers, not professional reviewers. Our goal is to simply share our love of great books with other readers; our reviews will not be a critical analysis of every sentence. All reviews will be honest reflections of the story read and will mainly consist of our thoughts and feelings and will not contain any details that would spoil the outcome for readers. Outside opinions will not influence our reviews and you can always expect a truthful, genuine opinion from our site, including reviews that may be negative in nature.

We will try our best to read titles accepted for review in a timely manner. A deadline on a review will only be set if you indicate that the review be completed within a certain time frame. Reviews will be posted on our site and Goodreads as well as links provided to the review via our Twitter and Facebook sites.

***We will not accept unfinished/unpublished novels***

Genres of books accepted and preferred
(including Indie/self published titles):

Urban Fantasy
Dark Fantasy
Contemporary Fiction
Historical Romance
Young Adult
New Adult

Genres of books not (typically) accepted:
Science Fiction
Titles with religious undertones
Middle grade fiction
Novellas/Short Stories

Due to the number of requests we receive as well as time constraints The Book Hookup will only respond to the requests accepted for review. We promise we look at every single one! Please don’t be upset if you don’t hear back from us, we are selective in our book choices and tend to pick books that interest us most. Unfortunately, even though we accept books that we think we’ll enjoy most, we cannot and will not guarantee a positive review.

We will never sell any ARC given to us and will never infringe on an author’s copyright regarding an eBook that we have received.

If a book has been given less than 3 stars (in rating terms), We reserve the right to decline any promotional posts to that specific book; including author interviews, giveaways, etc.)

How to contact us: If you think we’re a good match, please contact us here with your request or send us an email thebkhookup (at) gmail (dot) com

Interviews/Guest Posts/Blog Tours/Cover Reveals

We would be thrilled to host authors for an interview, guest post or a stop on a blog tour.

If you are interested in doing an author interview, we request that a copy of your book be sent with sufficient time to read before the questions need to be submitted. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.